First meeting to be held in the new municipal hall was January 30th, 1906. They hired Malcolm McLean as caretaker at a salary of $55.00 for balance of the year, also they bought five cords of wood to be piled in hall basement at $3.00 a cord. A motion was passed that Mr. Pat McNulty be overseer of bridge construction at Elphinstone, to be paid 30¢ an hour, and he is to hire necessary men at 18¢ an hour, team and man at 33 1/3 i: an hour. At the March meeting, motion was passed for the caretaker to buy one dozen spittoons for use in the hall, and authorizing him to furnish the cells in the basement.

In 1907, the council gave a grant to Strathclair Agricultural Society of $400.00, towards cost of purchasing and equipping grounds for show purposes. A motion was passed to buy a piano, from Grant and McLean at a cost of $375.00, first payment to be proceeds of hall rentals (to date, $143.00), balance to be paid in January 1908, also a motion that $3.00 be added to rent of hall on occasions where piano is used, except church services which shall be 5015, and dances shall be $4.00. On July 17, 1907 McIntyre was appointed Secretary-treasurer in place of HT. Morton who passed away.

A special meeting was called February 24th, 1908 for the purpose of taking steps to prevent the spread of small-pox. Dr. RT. Rutherford reported one case in the Strathclair village and that he had secured a suitable building to isolate the patient. The council made a motion that all children attending Public School in the municipality should be vaccinated within ten days. They agreed to pay Dr. Rutherford 50b for every successful vaccination. They appointed a sanitary constable to see that strict quarantine was kept over persons, places and things infected with small-pox.

In front of the Municipal Hall in 1 908.

Councillor William Geekie, Mr. Archie Kippan, Coun- cillor Pat McNulty.

Front row: William Tripp (banker), Councillors A. Leitch, and S. Stevenson, Mr. Miles Harrison, Coun- cillor William Harrower, Secretary-treasurer A. McIntyre, and Councillor Fred Williamson.

In March they paid Union fee of $20.00 to Secretary-treasurer J. Cardale, of Union of Manitoba Municipalities. Also at this meeting the council sent a request to the Provincial Government, to extend their long distance telephone line from Winnipeg to the west side of Strathclair.

At the July meeting 1909, a motion was passed that an application be signed to order a telephone for the clerk's office. Three pitner gasoline lights were to be ordered, two installed in Strathclair and one in Elphinstone, care- takers were hired to look after these lights. Another motion passed that all ratepayers who were hailed out, be allowed to pay their taxes next fall at par.