Before the forming of the Municipality in 1884, Strathclair was repre- sented with one member on the County Council of Minnedosa. On July 7th, 1883, an act was passed dividing the area represented by this council into different Municipalities. The Municipality of Strathclair was to comprise of six Townships; 16,17 and 18 in Ranges 21 and 22 West of the lst Meridian. Nominations were to take place on the 26th of December and the election for Reeve and Councillors on January 2nd. Mr. H.T. Morton was appointed returning officer. Elections took place in several wards but J.P. Tulley was elected Reeve by acclamation.

The first council meeting of the rural municipality of Strathclair, was held on Tuesday January 8th, 1884 in the Presbyterian Church at Strathclair. Mr. J.P. Tulley was the first reeve, councillors were; Messers Green, McLean, Lauder, Willson and Craig. J£. Menzies was appointed councillor for Ward 3 at the second meeting held on January 30th, 1884. E.W. Brine was appointed clerk, J.M.M. Geekie treaurer and D. C. McDonald assessor. The first By-Iaw passed was authorizing the reeve to borrow on note, the sum of $400.00 to meet current expenses of the municipality from, the County Council, a private person or a Chartered Bank.

The council members were paid $2.00 a day and 10¢ a mile each way, for council meetings. Clerk's salary was $150.00 a year, treasurers $140.00 and assessor $50.00 per year. They established road divisions and appointed Pathmasters, also appointed resident ratepayers as poundkeepers, appraisers and fence-viewers. At the meeting February 1st, 1884 By-law number two had to do with running at large of animals, herding and restraining them, impounding and damages. A discription of the rail fences required was as follows; the height of a rail fence to be a good and lawful barrier, was to be 4 1/2 feet, of 4 rails, each rail not to exceed 16 feet in length, not to be less than 2 1/2 inches in diameter at the smaller end, bottom rail not to be more than 18 inches from the ground and the remaining rails not to be less than two inches in diameter at the smaller end, except willow stakes which may be 1 1/2 inches. Wire fences were equally well described.

in July 1884, Stuart Geekie was appointed clerk in place of E.W. Brine.

The council for 1885 were: Reeve Tulley, councillors Lee, Craig, Di'er, McLean, Geekie and Willson, meetings to be held in Mr. Dier's store at (old) Strathclair and he be paid $1.50 per meeting, clerk and treasurer same as last year, Gosset was assessor. Meeting June 1885: one scraper was to be bought for each ward, four of these were bought in November costing $6.00 each.

In 1886, a grant of $50.00 was to be paid to Strathclair Agricultural Society.

In June 1888, a By-Iaw was passed confirming purchase of a portion of land known as Cemetery Reserve, which was bought by United Counties of