little over for candies. The fall of 1936, to the end of summer 1937 were the hardest times of any of the depression years, the rate of family (rural) busi- nesses going bankrupt were the highest in history. In 1938 business began to show much improvement; with the coming of war in 1940 things got unsettled again. The ration system was instituted for tea, sugar, butter and jam. lt cre- ated extra work. Controlled prices were a headache in many cases. In some cases a merchant would be summoned for being a half cent over on a can of canned goods. Silk and nylon hose were under quota, so were in big demand as quotas were small.

During the war years, farm workers became scarce. The shortage for one harvest was helped to some extent by having 10 or 12 Indian teenagers from Cross Lake, and they gave a good account of themselves as they were will- ing workers. The years following the war were prosperous ones and much new and larger equipment was bought. People were soon driving around in new cars with some families having two. Of later years, schools have been the main topic with a high school being built in our locality with much increased taxes.

At writing, we are again in the midst of a depression, the fourth in fifty-seven years, and how low it is going to go no one can tell, but here is hop- ing for a bright and glorious 1970.

Our only daughter, Merle, married Al Plowman. We have two grand- sons, Ricky and Rae. _ Rae Stothart

Ag, . 5

K ippan ’s'Camp. November I l. 1930. Left to right: J.R. Stothart. H. Mayhew. B. Hodgt'ns, A. Kippan. H. W. Clarke, R. Aitcheson.


Ernest Strath (1893-1962) was born in Oakburn and farmed most of his life in the Shoal Lake district. He farmed just north of Strathclair from 1932-34, renting land from the late Robert Martin. He was in the First World War from 1916-1919. He married Catherine McCook in_Scotland in 1919, who passed away in 1966. They had four children: Dorothy, Mrs. Weldon Ray, Newdale; Mrs. Christine Byquist, Winnipeg; Hamish, Dr. James Strath, Peterborough, Ontario, and Mary, Mrs. Ivan Routledge, Oakner.