We must of necessity keep our hair trim and neat. Doubtless there have been many untold shops within the home, manipulated with a greater or lesser degree of skill. Among those who hung out their sign we have a George Ingles operating around the turn of the century. Later he went farming with his brother in the Goudney district.

Harry Stenhouse came to Crystal City about 1904 with his wife and family and was here until 1916. They had three children; Gertie. Jim and Jean.

Then a popular couple, the Whee- ler’s followed Harry Stenhouse. Be- fore their marriage Mrs. Wheeler worked in the Citizen’s Hotel. For a while the couple managed the Hotel but due to hard times it was forced out of existence around 1935. They had three children: Edwin, Raymond and Edith. Edith married a school teacher, Frank Presunka.

In 1953 Mr. and Mrs. Jim Webb moved into town from their farm home near Rock Lake Jim’s affable manner has made a host of friends and Mrs. Webb's untiring‘ efforts in community work, such as W. 1., Red Cross and the Anglican church, make a valuable contribution to our life in Crystal City. -



By Frances Gilbert and Emma. Kerr

The Crystal City Anglican congre~ gation met first in the basement of what was then, the Methodist Church, and later. on alternate Sundays in the Presbyterian Church, but no re— cords earlier than 1908 are available. Then services were held in the Muni— cipal Office which had been renovat- ed from the old gaol. After 1928 ser- vices were held in the Holiness Mo- vement Church. During this period.


Outside and inside views of Crystal Anglican Church


Clearwater, Crystal City and St. Larwrence were one parish in Ru- Rupert’s Land Diocese with the recto- ry at Clearwater. Until 1920 it was a missionary parish, but at that time became self supporting.

Under the leadership of Mrs. L. C. Cranston and Mrs. R. Gilbert of Clearwater a Women’s Auxiliary was organized Nov. 30th. 1925 and named “St. Andrews”. Mrs. S. S. Kerr was

. the first President and Miss Norah

Lind (now Mrs. first Secretary. fund was started.

Geo. Mutch) the A church building

Rupert’s Land Diocese was divided in 1926 and this parish transferred to Brandon Diocese. In 1931 Clear— water, Crystal City, Pilot Mound, La Riviere and Marringhurst became one parish, the rectory being in Pilot Mound.