and Mrs. J. E. Wall secretary. Mrs. J as. McIntyre was the first Methodist president and Miss Kate Wall the first secretary.

In later years the Ladies Aid be- came» known as the Women’s Associ— ation. In April 1926 the two Mission- ary Societies united. In January 1962 the two societies W. A. and W. M. S. united under the name United Church Women.

The church has always been inte- rested in the spiritual welfare of its children. The first Superintendent of the Sunday School was Mr. John Aff— leck. Other superintendents were Mr. Laidlow, Mr. J. E. Affleck, Mr. F. Morrison, Miss Ethel Coulthard. Mr. Ron. J ohnstone, Mr. Stuart Gardiner and Our present superintendents, Mrs. Jas. Scott and Mrs. W. Odlum. Through. the years, Trail Rangers, Cradle Roll, C. G. I. T., Explorers, High C’s and Tyros were organized.

September 13, 1953 Knox Church celebrated its 60th Anniversary. Rev. Jas. Bowman our first minister and Rev. S. Studd, D.D. were guest preachers. Mr. Bowman preached the morning sermon taking “Friends” as his subject. Dr. Studd took the even- ing service using “Love For God’s House” as his theme. Rev. E. Wilson administered Holy Communion. Many old friends and members returned for this special occasion. Monday evening a congregational meeting was held in Memorial Hall. Mrs. F. Col- lins and Mr. J as. Robinson were hon- ored as charter members. Many greetings were read from old mem- bers.

Changes have been made down the years. In 1910 through voluntary help the church was raised and a full ba— sement was dug. When finished it gave us a kitchen and Sunday School room. Later the ceiling was lowered, tile laid on the floor and the whole church redecorated. In 1950 an elec— tric organ was purchased and was


dedicated by Rev. E. Wilson taking as his text “0 Worship the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness”. Tower chimes were dedicated October 29, 1950.

St. Paul's Anglican. Church Clearwater

Prior to the building of St. Paul’s Anglican Church in 1889, services were held in private homes and then in the school. Our first record kept of services he’ld was April 27th, 1883 and the minister was Rev. C. N. J ef— fery, people coming for miles by oxen and carts and horses and wa- gons. The» first Parish was formed in 1888 and was called “The Clearwater Parish”. It was a real large parish and the minister travelled on hoseback to the different points. Frank Bell was the first Ministers Warden and John Adams the people-s Warden. In 1888 a building, committee» was formed to collect money to build our church. By late fall they had collected $900.— 00 and so the building of St. Paul’s church began. Robert Rogers donated the land for the church site. In the fall of 1889 the church was completed, and the first service was held No- vember 4th, 1889 with Canon O’M’eara conducting the service. St. Paul’s An- glican Church was consecrated on August 27th, 1893 with Bishop Mach- ray officiating.

The bell which still hangs in the belfry was donated by James Col- lins and James Peck. The organ which is still in use was brought from Emerson by Richard Gilbert and by wagon.

The white linens and hangings were given to the church by the La- dies Aid Society and the first reredos for the altar was made by James McGregor and it hung there until the year 1953 when Mr. John Guilford made a beautiful new altar and gave it to the church. In 1926 a fence was built around the church and lilacs and caragana were planted. In 1948