angel’s wings had to be made from coat hangers wrapped in tinsel and halos out of aluminum pie plates. Three o’clock in the morning saw some teachers still making wings and halos. Housecoats, Bedspreads, and Towels were used for the Wise Men, Shepherds and Joseph. Shepherd Crooks were made from Hydro Wire. Guides, Boy Scouts, Cubs and Brownies also participated. A doll belonging to one of the pupils is still knovm today as “Baby Jesus”. With changing coloured fights focused on the participants in a darkened Church, the atmosphere of the First Nativity was vividly created. Needless to say many tears were shed by the audience (as well as teachers) before the completion of the program. To see little Tommy (our Chinesa boy) standing among the shepherds was a thrill never to be forgotten.

Prior to 1950, gifts had been put on the Christmas Tree from parents, friends, etc. but this was stopped as everyone did not receive equally. It was decided that only gifts from the Sunday School would be on the tree. The tree was donated by Mr. Art. Hammond. Fifty cents per gift was allotted to the Senior and Intermediate Classes and 35c to the Primary and Beginners. Then started the, bargaining with the Storekeepers for a discount for the gifts. However, Santa always arrived with Dr. Studd standing guard over the oranges and candies. The year that the WA. donated $100.00 to the Sunday School instead of the usual $50.00, we were overjoyed.

Many Sunday afternoons after Sunday School, Mr. McDonald and hs Senior boys shared exhilarating experiences on Whitewater Lake

with toboggans, and hearty appetites enjoyed Hot Dogs, Drinks, etc. on the return home.

On a Sunday Afternoon precedng Christmas, the Senior Girls met at the McDonald home to wrap gifts for a needy family while watching “The Littlest Angel” on T.V., drinking Hot Chocolate and eating goodies. That same evening the gifts were distrbuted and the Girls sang Carols from the back of a truck while travelling around Town.

On another occasion, the Senior Girls and their teacher attended the Martin Luther Film.

When daughter, Sheila, started teachng the Primary Boys, Mrs. McDonald retired from teaching after 13 years. When son, Jo, started teaching, Mr. McDonald retired with mixed emotions. A plaque was presented by Rev. Maxwell in appreciation of 14 years of service.

The cooperation of Mr. 0. Hibbert, Secretary-Treasurer, Dr. Studd and Rev. Maxwell during thesa years made the work of the Sunday School Teachers a delight.

Teaching Sunday School is one of life's greatest rewards!