Returning to the yearv1874 he re: cords that Alex Edgar married Jane Nixon and took up i'esidence- on her homestead when they 'liVed mam? years: and, John'and William Hanna came over the Batman road and spent the lwintér' at Squirrel Creek.

5;.) 21'3“,- ~m I

Erin the spring ot-1875 Mr. and Mrs.

'_ Robert Clarke and iniant son John, arrived from, Owen Sound; Mrs. Clarke

was a sister or Alex Edgar. Also came the Mooney family, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Mooney and two son's. John and R'obt;

also Mfr. Mooney‘s Mother. Mrs. Ill/loom . . _.ing_ a. while on survey parties, re-l

_ turned to his homestead and married Latinas. Holnies. '

e‘y Sr.- Homestead“ the SM; 9-13-9.

Mr; six-'1‘ Mrs.- Jas. Hanna Sr. and'.

their so Adam came thst year from Paisley Ontario». and MN; “and Mrs.

John Holmes and ismlly of seven girls.

Latinas, Mam, Annie.‘ . Jane, Term,

Margaret and Amanda. Mrs. Holines-

was. a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Hanna. [Winn Sam: Pogue, who had come over the Dawson road the. pre-

vious, year located a homestead tor

his' lather on '.NE. 6-i3-9 and built

a house on it to which the old talks, . " Mr. and Mrs. James Pogue came the _-

following summer.

The winter of "15 & ’76 passed- quiet-

ly in the settlement the settlers 1m: proving their buildings and looking for- ward to their first crop on their new

breaking~'of the year: before. Rocky‘

Mountain locusts hatched out in great

numbers but when they got their wings

they ilew'awsy‘ and caused no dam- .(

age.More breaking was done on sum.-

mer passed. Alex Dobbin'took rip a , '

homestead that year and'aiter- wax-lo

Building and breaking proceeded" 1 . in 1877. John McKelry married Man 5 " '

the Memes or the Palestine fliatrict, "

the ceremony“ taking ,. place in

mild. with a warm rain on' Christmas day. Alex Do'bbin did a little plowing

,Giadstone. Fall and winter wore very-

they; day. Mild weather continued


OBERT MckEva :.

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