r.'.1;.-.x.2.‘.‘..;“rfi-1..-.2p.o.»«.... - -.- . _-.-.;.-......;....-....m...--..--.......—.—.-——-W.-._~..~V..‘- ..- .

' .-..-1 - .,. -\. ,- «_-. » ..-,. 1.-,.-.,‘:....:.. i-,.—.,. :‘..»._. .._.......:L§..

In :0 .5 |. n. __.+ 5 I“ 3...... F-1 5 ‘/4 02’ C“. '7’. I

r'..~;.—‘t_\1n,v:\ ~:.-'s.'\' SUV. 6515-54 .~..-=s-:-—-----:-~—*~—- ~--—“~" "‘*j*_"f"' j" ' I-I .-'.L:':.1' .~I.~'.€'J T.‘.’.: FLf;i:'J!.\C-.

Wu ;.:p al-..;.— 1--: -:14: «E:-‘.\-= been the tictnh. ul .:cz::« um--1: t:!LC2li.¢:1J(:Ui. urxaiz.--.2 from rc;»cr:.- u; tn». flogging of a. prison:-r i‘. 111-. ,;1Js. l:'.' --r-l-~.' «if the :X’aiJ~’Jl'1l‘3}'

.1, 3. c-y._..-1.. 1:2 1r-.-:u :,'urc:=-.- to £0111 '_,d c :. rv--,:4I.a_-ll 3! {LE GOVEIU’

421:. 1h«.u men‘. l.-uildzz.--, - or -.-1 ci wi' l: the :.ec»::s.s'-iry &5‘;’.i.1!;l.4'- :-- .-1. ....’l:lS'x‘2' the same i-.- ‘st;---w-V‘ G1‘-ueral. He.

pr.-r_~ .r_1-'.i:):.s nor. to ‘us F-I-snv l.I‘£\":

l.').“ - \‘- .'.'m.'l L ‘L ';“j._-—,-; ~,\ , 1.-, ;u-- (_'-.\\41, ,...-,-v_:. ;~. '.‘n:- y.:r€.1c'1‘..l1sJ‘ Lisz-

~ —.

cgu-“,3 V, ¢-_v.- ril_—;1}:l~u-|:]f_o'1l. 1 lfl.‘ ClJ.l$1’&Cl-CT Q; U ,. },.,}.1. u, 5- irly .~l;o\-rn H) 1.114:

‘mu ._a-,_.- _ .__ l,.__._.-l :;fLe.-1' illJIll.'l5i.€$li'

. .

: -. 3. : ., ":-—"r -4i~.ppr:-val of

“I”. 3. 1. . .. .3-.p.-_ _.-._- rr_-!~nr:.'s‘ h:aCl.'£:4l

,i,,..-..m.r,-.- «,1... -;.,«.l-.;_rrm'.1--u cnnti-.ine-1

-,x. ;--.--r.--.‘ H:. -.l. ~1i:c:-.

u--r.- land in Zln-it con‘

witl:,:u'. 1.-3;‘ O17}-'..'-.:1. iv «lcmu.-.:;..;, . 5 .3. ;- :1}:3\Etl'l'i£UT.*.:ll conduct and l»r::'_.-..i".. 'l‘=«v:~- i- 11:» cl-1'-Jbt ’.ls'|'L 5:1» .,.. ,- 1",. - . .».'- ‘.1 ! .~r i1;~tigat4:«l 111:- I,.‘,,_,_} .,,.~.-' 1 -.«l: ,- .--»::.pr~1:.-i~£-.~ "H11-u ‘. ll‘ witz:o:~.~v.-d ll)‘:

u_-. {vi ‘l; 2.1"‘ In

flogging illuisl: E and invited .1 law us 131: _..-e wlmt. lu- nn ::njI1_v3l.-l1.‘

pull: 1: .12‘ .-'--i."~ i" ll: 5,3... 1. 3, 3. v.- ;l,r-1:_*l1*. c:n'.r:':s111.-1: --::: l: 1- lzard to cxl"““ um ‘.. I.,_t1,-J, _f,, ,-.-p; who can drill!‘ c!.nh,;\- ,.r,‘;,._— (if «_v_g—;- .:u)(,-tin!) tn sncli Crltr-l .i' ‘.'1.':: -.11 11 ~'1t'm nt. '.-5 ’‘ ff.‘ll'‘‘'‘' bi-i:1';. an-l 1'!‘--:1 (pun-":_v -mil of ln= “W” clan r-o-. -1.11 d l-m‘-£111-' mi and v_zlo~Ltinl.! 0“ th:- ~i1"—:--nin-_: -.-nvct'1t‘l-'-. It ii: '~"llIl U171? tl1--re-i- :10‘. ill“ -lnl nv of :1n:lmri‘y f-1r Tlie I1" ft:-new =.-f .'L'.'~-r1']1"1:-' ‘n t~~('=|]vF- in1pri.~nn' l tlw f‘lo«:<_'1nI_' V-‘H1-‘

Bnt cvcn

tho E-~~v.i..-_' of .~'ur:l- :1n orlc.-r. mrnt, \|.lll(‘l' 1~ :'.i- 'l- fnr.i- 11--‘ so lu-in«~.n.< :1 c-rirno. if tlw:’~- h-1-l lN"t‘H m1t'u«1rit\' warruutillu the-i.~'-11¢-«f ~11--h ‘Ill n--«lcr tlwro can lu- nu },...;cii.|-- exCl]~(‘ for llvfiréf‘ nu“-1nher'- nf th-- G-»\'u~r11nu>-11 and (‘mwrrninc-11‘ Dill Ci .1. r._[t-;"l*"'ll})l1I‘l'l wi+_nc>«;~ing such :1 §,°.-r}1.1._-.-x),i:.iLi.m. 1\ri:1Cl]).'ill}"l’. wuulrl 501-1!) for tlur-irz'1\'.‘11 -"vrruirm. It. i~' hm line now far ~ur'l1 :1 p6'HlIl(‘H..'s'-11"‘ rcsillmll he-r1~ E.->-'1llu\\' thr-in-.-~lw-< to lo rule-d hv mm; “-1,”-.. ["]_\'ta_'\' -ind conduct would rel»:-,::1t-'=. thorn to l1-1rh-1ri<:1n‘. Tl1elN‘°IVP have m:v-.:1- ‘nu 1'1 cw w--ll p‘e:-.3-zed with ‘he .\_.'§;,run\' G-"1)£-Til, hfi’. the lEl'\‘5 ‘if:-‘- of hi~ hrn’-il idir)<v11cr»1<-.ir>< will cert‘-uul_v net-u~~:ia‘1t.-2 l1i.- r=~"n'w-1.l.

I514; U2]-’.Q=‘s‘B*I0-l uh it Dr. 'Wil:~'on wa< Q30 -. v.cillmg;~_pec-1'1.t -r of the disgtisting scene. If so it. would seem tlmt he i- lit.t.‘n or no lmtrer thou the .-\b;orn¢=_v G -nor-11, and that his services may be di~ap:-11.~ed with.

Signor Brl:_{nl)ll. the great tenor singer di--d of int-erna.l hcuilu .)X'l)2!.!,1O at New‘ York :1 few da._vs since.

G-:0. Wheeler, 01-: 31. l’.. who vacated his hL'Ll. lu l:l:a.~‘. York. to mul:-'9 room for Mr. J. I). E-l,-gar. lias rec-..-ive-l blle mpg.-uiutrn-_-or of pur.<er of thc Central Prison. 'l'orou'.o.

The police f1.':‘C-.‘. so-.1: out to quell the riulers at Micliipicoleu have succeed:-«i in luczikiiig up the gang. They have lf'El.-'.'.l'Ul'll to T'oro11t.o.l)ri11_s:iug with them four l'ln;{l1‘:ulL'I'5 r..~. prisoners.

'l."l:cprol:z1b1liLi‘es are that there will yet. be :1 co:1tc.~'1. for the zzmyomlty of Winnipeg. uotwitlistzmding the fact. time .\la1yor Log-in luis decided not to run.

.\tls.u.~pts :-.:‘c now being made to bring out Mr. Uonkliu. .‘vl. P. P. The liquor men will not support Mr. Hamilton l}eC'1ll.\'.‘ his tcxnperauce principles are so pr0uuu1.cE'l.

Whz-.: a den of corruption \\'1nnipe;_' ha» got to he 1lU_\‘l)U\\. We l.l'<xV(3 scarce- ly rm‘--n to 1'l.'l1l1lE!‘:1l(3 the many deeds

that l1u‘.'-3 p 1»!-d. but now we have one

in the ‘:»uE';di::;: of the city hall. .\lr. Dewar. the t-omructor who Int.-came

haul-trap: in hi~ :1.:.tc1.npt.~a to build the ci'._' lull. said Elm: when he firsz. put.1n 21 tL'Kl'1.lLl" for zhv t:i‘._v hall. 1! zuuouuted to :1 long v.-a_-: u\‘-:1‘ 350.001). which was the .spA.-1-iii:-d ziznunn‘. for Lllu building. Mr. lirirhe.-r. lllr :-.r«-l.i:ect, n.-duced him in <‘l1:1:1-;«- :1: 1-‘ : l1.,1wc1:er. >0 that is would not e-x-.-emf :a-.._- 530.009. Mr. 1):-.:‘.:.o.:r 1‘-'.i-Zuim-d 11: 1.11:. that if ll}: tcuirr ox:-m «E1-i :1-.a.~'. znssuunt. the plans w1.u‘.u11~t lrv ‘11'1'-‘pit!-l. arid CHll:C‘ql7¢'UEl_\' he \\'O'diLl lt-N-J l]2~ i~=I'.rv.ll. 155(1)}, 111:‘. pri/e 1::-1;zc_'. :.1.=l the n-n:1'.;1<.~'1on. B 11' bur Irl-l l‘.ll‘.} I.l1:v.: 1: he 1-1:‘. in a. lender for $l~O.(‘00. ho \-.m:lC - -..~v.- 321111 to tin- extt-1.-: ht $lU.U\'?U -:1: :lu-.- \'-(i1K.:.1:-l if ‘is- was il"\Ulc :1» i050. .1-.:;.' xu-.-1--: l;--, -‘L; uberl wouiai -_:i\-:- tlm :um_»u:1t (-5 lil\ c--::.n:ia- sion to '1::1l:-- up th: 1.13:.

(:ootl%.‘h-w.~‘ for .‘!t‘!"(‘l2'2t12!.~‘.

for Llzr Chi:‘:1_-_‘-_\, l{0l.‘i-i l~".£-.1: l & Rzciric R3i1w:1y.i11fo:u.:s 11> Lhat the .\'o:'.lmc--'. '.[‘r.\z':ic .\s$o:i..1:lrml:~1\'c «.lm‘::-.icC: z‘: :1: 1 .-c suuzmvr rat»: on fr-.i-_"::: l.=:'Z ':.--zu \..l'l_‘ .

gt. :1:-.81 poitzts in I\Iar:ito2v-.1. si::1lZ -*om.xur.»_- quclziiugml tl.‘.rou_c,'l1c-11: the winter Tl:-— (}r:ms.i Trunk have n K. tlecitied as yr: upon L21»: r:.'.e from points 11: Ontario go Chicagn, but there is good reason to b.,1ie-v:-_'.l_~a.: the increase, if any, will be very shghy

! Pilot Bluunti in mfcttnccm tbs-._ building of 1 :; lznc of milu ay from .1 point 111 township


.-I. Rcprc.~enta.ti\'e and Enthusias- tic Audience.

0:: Friday night 135:. the meeting called by the Mayor for the dl§'.'l1m$l1I>1‘n o: railxray mattd.-:3 u-a.-1 hulti in 13;: city lull, which Villa scan:-.-ly lzirgu enough to ace:-mm-_-d.;:c the attendance. ’l"ne zuayor took the: cluir, and

and :..c cou::na:.iL-atious 1:-.1-ling to 1:. making the co-openstiuzi of the citizen: in 1. .'c|‘Icln-_-

:0 up the i.-uumian‘ lmc tr) co:n1: "ace: 2.‘.

:..zu:io:1. The mayur c.:1ll«_~«l 1:1:-ox: H-n. J. Tin: zc .1}:-mas: dad and s.1i-1 tint while pru- lml.-ly as anxiuua as .''.n_\' one in the r--um [1- .-—:c more railways, he was -.-5 the 1:npr--.~.-lot: that lhr: n1at:«_-r of oi»t.ai::io._' a. clnrz. r n...- .. 1'n*.').sElllll'i‘1'lliI 021:‘ \\llv:'\: ll ln_V li: '.lAr' of :i:e C. E’. ii. :3 'a"’.cp in and S<:._\‘ l:-_-re \U . -zannr-2 grant it. and :lwu'b'l1!\»\'l11it: .15.-:2 1‘ c in 3'uru.arriiz1-:; the pres;-nt =-;hz:1ne. ‘Um 13:.-I .-,h-mid not ln: l-Jo! '=1;.:l:1o:'.

l)-;r1n._: the L'I.;l)l:c of his rv.-n1;uk.~, ‘.l1r- Sp-..'1li«:r ‘d.<l\'l.:L‘1l e.-ti"-,1-‘Is to l-: n-21-l-: 1-my-'..~ .1‘-ttiiig the Smzria :1- -l lincky .\l--u1.t.x1n rum} 2/: cntcr l-1.-:1: -'.«-1., ..::d u'n1l~.- llu - 1.i not bclle‘-'ci!1 lK)D1:~<'~ he ‘..1o:1.:l:t no 'ua.rr~.r alxtxuld l-1: plum-i111 thc may «.2 mi-21.31:-_' In-:1 !‘u"ll. Tilt: l‘. R li.Hl H07. Illr: L'=.L|1.n.1'._\ to «:arr_\' :m':-.} the grain _unm11 within .1 fun‘ 11 zlcs of the rziiluuv. In fact hr: bad hear-l '-u_\s:r.< s:.tv.- that they could not get 1:111‘:

\\'. .\'1:'lun 1.2- 3*lLl.Ic.>-B ‘the a..ulicnca:.

p :‘A -.11

and '::.1Ii s-':::n :'a1'1ners t.1'e;1nj_' thur grain l: mu: .'.._r.sin. The .<ur.c .~'.<-r_\.' is told at all If:-.‘ lJ‘-l'»'.L:',_; .~I'.fllI.‘:‘.:. ll? '.ll1':‘. rp-wilt‘ Us

:ui.'.-~-Ef.1r::;:n;_'. an-i -.~.;11«l [ll.LI rhc I'.unu-H am-‘.1 u~ null :13‘ thc-sc ui:--:0 \~1ll1n-_I§_-.' u‘1i-.~r- uni tl1~-:r:1-iviu‘.-c that mix;--1 f.:.r1n.:1<__-, vtuul-i pay, '1-ut t'nr.-y could not cut:-r 1u:u i1, :21.- --:<-,crm- “:15 too great and until they had rc:1lI’I.<-cl irfosn tbcl.” :1‘-:1i1 T.l‘n:rc was 114- lr-111.: in '_l;is«l\;.'|.r1,:-X‘. 'l'l1<.-re wu.-re 111.1113‘ I.-1.!'H1L‘I‘- Vrhn \\.'«,u[.] final it clilliuult. tu l1'.':: .:11L1l spring un-lo.-X‘ the prr:<<.-11: state 1-5 :1:fui1'.~:. Tn-:5: n.ix_'h:. ln: luulictl upon .1..~. outside clued.- tiun.~.l:11Ltlu:om: natuxnilly hr1n.;s up thc (1tl1<:L" '.l'i1c qucstion was, are we to l)-: .xlluu1-rl to build lln: road, will the «_'n\'('1‘H

llu 1:1: of .\lun1t,oh:1 grant‘. a charter. if it tlncs and we 2- t :1 g_juzr.r.u1tc-.- from thr; C. P. FL, th;11.1L will not lu:«l1:=;1ll-meal Z’ If we can

not, “'1: must. stop all 2.-.,t_{11cIJltu1'al dev:-lop. mcnt, it will 2) lh'LL:k. .\ rqxiay nay pro- rni.—l-, but l.lll’."{: is :1 possibility of his back g..',ci[l“g \u_-nla :1:_::1i11. It would be wise tli-.-1':-:'orc {<1 lnillit.’ such rcpresx-ntution to the p--in-rs that we may [)!‘0Cc('ll to act intclli. u--ntly. In concluding he sziirl he -.-as in I:u'(u‘ of railwziys iron: l‘3ru.11:l0n hc it. sou-,h. cuat. nortlx-cast, .~uutlz-swat. or north \\'¢-_\‘t_

.-\ld. l5|l1.:iiL: mas cullcd upon. .1nd said it, \!»‘.1-' not .1 qne.st.lu1) for t'.l11: Aldermen to de- ci-le. but for Lhc citizens. Hc r::gz1rde«l .\l r. .\1:'=.on‘.< 5;-cccli as too political in its ch1rz1c- L-.-r. :1.-.:l tli-.-ncutt.-re-.l int.) u len-_:t,l1v defence of Illt: l‘. l’. R._. at the same time was in favor of more roads. and c.'~:pccl:1lly such ruaul :15 the one under discussion. He was of tln: opinion that the C. P. R. would .,-uucv.-dc thuir rights as to railway clmrters. This road would es"thli.sl1 :1 trading centre here that w_.s much required. No doubt \\'innip«.-.g would be jealous but we must not mind them but work on until we ma.l<e this :1 great \\‘l1c-lcsale centre: this being a rz.-(151111 for other roads to come in here.

Mr. Pctersoxi agreed with the remarks niadc by .11‘. _Sift«'.-:1, and thought it imposs- lhlc to touch the discussion without having such ideas arse, and in a word or two gay-la .\l.r. Bucke to understand that his venmrks concerning .\lr. Sifton were ill-tuned. He tlmught that before the tlelegate should leave here he shonl-1 be fully informed as to our wishcs, in order that he may voice our

'i~.-ws at the meeting. It was therefore proper to air the misfortunes tlmt we lizwc l)ccnlz1l>ori11f._' under, and still in need to give :1 p-. litical significance. The charters have be»:-11 dis;1llo\\'cd and as far as we know tln.-rs arc to be no inclination to act other- wise. but he was inclined to think txmy would not do so any more. As well as favor- ing the building of the road south, he was strongly in favor of one to the north Hm-

ung these two -lircct roads, wu would have the lv-':.<t ;_:ro'.n. ‘s to look for the I’ll2tl$' n's H.-._\' It-rminu-.. '-.nd it was not ziltugctlmr rcmo\'c-l fr-nm :2. - range of prohairility that 1,521.5 in-inc zu-con1f~ii.~'l1ed we would soon have Lcrc .1 gn-.1L trims line running up through :'u-- .\'tz1tc.-. 1111-? on to H11dsCn’s Buy. As. to lmu1:.-rs ‘in: would rutlicr see the roads l1r1ull.~'c1l than have them «.10 past. the citv. \\'itlm11t such 1'0ads as these our progress was nunrkcd for the future.

Mr. Cllristic was called on prepared to speak.

Lnpt. \\'astic was next called on and dcli\'cre«l some very pr:Lctic:1l remarks He made use or some intercstinc, statistics that we wiil :1 aka use of at. :1 future date. With respect to the present z1}_rit:1tim1 he thou-_:_ht it ;ul\'1s:1bl1.-tliat he should havz-. railii-ay communication with the ~o11th. In :1 few 1'z:1n;1rl:s do.-livcrcd ata future stage of the pr<x:ccz'li11j_v,.<, he «_::we the iiiforinzition that the C l’. 1'. was anxious to connect with the: Rock lsl.1no‘l system, and that the mission of (Zen. .'<upt l-Iv_'.'111 and Land Com- n1i.~‘.~ionv;-r .\lc'1':-.vish to .~<n:'.'.ln:rn ).E.;nit¢,ha, a short. timc since was [)2ll”.:J‘ to: :he object. -._-1' lool~:in_-__: over the proposed 1iue_ He had :1lw:1ys hr.-ld tin: opinion t-hat Brandon was ‘l"~':llh.'.l to be :1 great railwziv-ceutre.—— General Rosser at one time. Enid that lirzmdun VVJF superior to any point 111 the N. \\ :1.~ :1 r.'11lw:1_v centre. .r

llr. Flc.-n.in-__: §H.l(l 1hz1t the coimtry should l‘.-1‘-c lib:-rty to build ro.'1«.s where it would, Hzwing had that we czm talk about building

but was not

thcxn. It would pay the citv to grant :1 lm!1'.i.~‘ to 21:1 insic.-pen-.lcnt line, one that

vc-.111‘.-l not .".\.\‘nr1n :1; h-.:i';t $t‘ll itself to the inc-:mp«_-l_\. 'l"ng- n 1---tin: was unked on file «yu-.~11.-.-rx -.1: r-..:lw:«.y: u by not he one on all Pr-.-1 incial ri-__vht.=.

.\lr. ('_'li1':-.-r.E.\'i1':x-u :‘;"1l-iv: for some time on thc la-:3-':rit.~ of this runl anal would be williu-__':o be-1:115 it largcly. He delivered an c\1--.-llv.-:1: :1-ldr:-s.~, and M35 zipplzxudcd

se\’cX‘a.l times during its deli\'er;.'.

The fullmrioz are the resolutions that \-'1‘-re car: '-.-«3. :1f_:o.-:' whi-;-l1 ti!-.2 ;\l:1vor spokc tur =ome time on the bent-tits of irailroaals.

.I::2 that he \£‘.‘.‘.: willing to bonus libz:r-- .;.*.y on certain c1-n.li:iou.=.'

_\lu-.'-.-.i byPet-rsun, 5-zcondcd lny Cliili-. Ti-..1'. ‘ac deem it Very desirable 1l1u.: la‘:-.1:1.l-.-:1 -‘:10-.:ldhc maai-.- th: I;-ruxinus of Il:-‘.\'-.=::l:v-c:-: Central llailxsay, and that- _:l:;- r;:ilw.1;.‘ c-.-:11u.1tt¢--- be ius:ruc‘ to take ::nme111:J.'.c action with a xi;-w to BEL‘-.;I‘c ‘Elli-.

Moved by Petersozgseconded by Wi:1:cn. That this meeting hnvin- b::.:l.1'd the com‘ munication from Mr. . A. Stewart, of


having read the notice m':‘in;z the uz-.c:i :: -

u... . ._._

l, rung: ll, on the lntemationul boundary, in thc city of Brandon, :0 place 0!! h=x‘0-‘¢l

111:’. in the opinion of this nu.-etin_:' it is cx;-c\iu:n:. that two d€lt‘=‘3Zv::'I should be z.p'

l puiLl:«€&l to rcprzs-1-nt the city of Brandon, at l tin :11».-«ting to be hcld .1: P110: Mound, on

.\‘w"n-'. Ttli.

Un rcsolution '.\lcsSx:\ Clitfe and Christie were appc-inted 2 \.i€l?L'.3-td0n,' ud it was dc.-cizl-_-d that they report to the railway committcc on th: l-éth .Vo\'.

.\!H\'z.'-l lv\' Pctcrson. seconded by Clifioxd Siitou. 'l’h:i:. .w=~. h=:1:til_v approve-of the C(':l1.~i£fT.‘iCtlvtz; of any railway‘ from the city of l'-'a:iric:iu :o c0'.:ncc1 with UN: 511185933 .-ye’.-2-.nof r.-ulua_\.~. and that We furthfir cxprr-ss uur C‘.‘!1\'lC:iOll that no impedinn;-nt :lm‘.:!-i l.c uficrcd to r‘n-.- ;:r.uxtins; of charters Ch:‘l"r'i--J1".

Tn: 1‘-.-.'1r.-‘iv:-'_: form :‘h-- c**:n:"ittee. Ihoy ':.a-:-_- 3- .u. cr to ll¢zL’<=(lH.‘.c w'::h e.~t4l.1li=hcd or prupne-.--i r;11lw.'n cr-11:p.n:i-1-s illhl generally :1» l----‘.; .42‘:-.-r the iim-ré-.~Ls of the city from :1 r.11i-.'<1_v .~t.—.1nul;-,-int -.

A. .\l. l’-::--r::.-u. J. A. Christie, \V. J. \\'i:i:c, C. (,‘iifi'c.-. J. A. Smart, Dr. Ma:'don' .tl1l. ll: l-'lcn.in-_~, \' l~'.owcrn1:m. A. Burns, -1. C. Hxrl-1u:4)11. \\'u1. John:-ton. Gconte \\'1n::.-1.»-, wm. 11.».-»--. W. A. .\1:.cdona.ld, 3. \V. filltozi. S. H. l'>«~wcr,:1n-l Clifiurd Sifton.


-rm-2 _u.n1-31m 1.\‘u: Rl~2C-0111).

Suzim l1l("l'. of the interest taken in city ln..-.1z;'u.~s by the add:-rmen may be 1.'n'.:-....=.»l frou: e1 ‘xriowlcdge of their at- CUUIEL: and committee

l-03.. lzzncc :1: ii Bclm-. v. lll be found :1. correct

l1J- 1."..}Il:_[.*l. ~\'l.'l'i_"'iS.

I_‘I)L'.\'C1L all-‘ETL.\'(.E. 5

X». :. -. ;n.1-:1~1:u:.s 1-i>.'s"r ussnxt _'il:1:n-r l) :3)‘. -ll) 32 L, S t-. .icI. il:'-:c‘=;, .5! '24 E. 7 ta. l '- J1.-..r. 2:4 29 t. ‘J r.. " L"n‘.xS1n1tl1-ll) 5 t. 31 L.

" L1-L.-. 40 30 E. 10 L.

hxizun. 4U 3~1t. (i t.

-- Ad |l!";. -Z0 31L. 9 B.

" Jr-l:n~tou, -10 16 t. ‘24 t—.

" l’ll!:.'l:L'.~. 40 3” 3- 10 3-

Cauzw.-1'u!1, 40 32 T. S 1-. " l...«u..in, ‘.55 ll) t. 15 t..

" Durhn, 4:1 3-1 a. 6 ‘C.

K iv;-.na'_‘l1. -10 ‘J0 5- 1’-0 tr-

Biickc, lb‘ 13 B. 5 t.

In the L.“l:L‘S of .-\ld. Bro:-lt. Moor. Lar- kin u,.nl Km.-ltc. they .)l.1l_\' held seats

during: 21 portion of the: year.

l-'I.\'.-\.\‘Cl*I (‘U M)! ITTH l-J.

xznn: so .\n;1-:r1.~'c.: muss Ans .-\ld. Sllton '..’.l. ‘ll 0 " l‘1llf_'ll(‘$. '31 1:3 (5

" Caulieroli, - 21 l3 3

" U.e'nt1 bnxirh l7 (3 11 " li:L\‘1-uJ:1g_{l:. .l7 lU 7

" Anla.1n.s. -l 1 3 " Mom‘. -1 1 3

" Mayor, 21 13 8

BOARD 05‘ woxxs.

xurz so max-:'r1:~'os P.ltE.‘.1 mas Al-l. (J:1rnc.ron, ‘J ‘J O " -.l.xl1l1~tnu. ‘J '3 7

“' Durst. ‘J B 1

" Lurluu. ‘J 2 7 " Brock. 9 1 S Lee. 9 5 4

Bnclie, "‘ 3"» 0 .\la.yor, ‘J 4 5



1-‘.-1‘.u1~; .\'o M1-:1-‘.'rI.NGS Pluics uzs Ald. Huglies, 9 9 0 " Le:-, ‘J 8 1 " Kzn'z1rm;1l1 9 4 5 Atlnnlr, 9 U ll L‘lc'u51.Sn1itl1 9 :3 -L I_.lCl-INS!-1 AND POLXCR. x~'.-mi-; so 3!‘.-‘}<:'X'I.\-‘G page A3‘ A1-l.>'pf1on, -1 -L 0 l)lH‘:l-, 4 -1 "I " Mocr, -1 4 BOARD OF HFALTH. 1 NA)lX N0 MEETINGS PRES A154 Ald. Clzirk, 10 5 4; Moor. 1'2. 7 Clc'nti'SnriLl:. 1:’. 3‘- ‘J ‘° Brock, 1:’. 4.» T A*lu.nJS. ll). 5 4 " Leo-_ Z 1 H Bu\.'l.u... 1 1 .__...-_._—-¢¢3+>——-_.- ._.


A Display offlledalu and 81:15::-n.

Mr. Freeland, Secretary of the R. R :3... brought with him from \‘\'innipeg the num- erous medals and badges won by memhers of the Brandon Rifle Association here and at \Vinnineg Amongst them is the {lover- nor-Genei-a.l’s bronze medal, won ‘ox; Capt. Bucban, at Stony .\lount.ain. It is of hand- some workmanship. The face hear: the profile of Lord and Lady Lansdowne. while the reverse carries the Lansrfowne rout of nrlns. the M. R. A.

The Ontario Rifle Association silver merlal given for first aggregate prizc in the riizstrh--5’ here, and won by A. Freeland. is also amnnz the number. The fact: of it shows :1 rifle- mzm in kneeling position, with a. wregith r-I maple leav.= s11rro'm-‘ling: him. S:rmm._'nt.- lug this is the typical bearer. On the re- verse are the ‘words. “presented by the On- tario Rifle As<r-ciatinn."

The Manitoba Rifle Association also pre- sented 3 silver medal. which is to hand to

the second highpst aggregate here. It w:1.= won by Capt. Harris, of Moos!‘-min. On thr-

arnis, sxipported as ‘he right by 21 riflemzm and on the icft luv zn: Inrsizn. On the re- vers-: are the words : “.\ia.nitnba Rifle: Ase- ociation," .<1n'roundcr‘. by :1 xvrcath.

A silver badge of the M. £1. A., for Capt. \\'a.sti<:, is also to he sees).

The articles. v-‘hie.-h ar: all very well

store. --- - o—— —-—- ' t Rru:1:1rli:mle DI-rovery. 5 ---.a'.::-.2-ll -:1 vi-Jctorr .'--Ll .-Li 3:-(rs .-‘.de1s.ide O'Bri:-n. f -_‘ $I:l'1! ‘Her lint -1 ~_ 113111:-'

.. "v >5.

.x.-rorne.-oi . 2-he vomit;-«.1

grsocn r- ~ - -;~, ccsulvl rctz in no food: skin yel- 1 Sue r:s..~a rapidly Link- 3’

o W cm‘. £111! of hurnors. ng . but Burdock Blood Bitzers cu.-id her.

its hearty eudcxsazion of en;-h ascheme. and

Accompanying it is :1 silver ha.-lgc of ,

1‘?-.1r-. 21:.-curable 1


A meeting of the Town Council was held on Monday night for the purpm:-e of consid- ering a proposed amendment to the Liquor License By-law. Y\°‘ncn me by lam w_:1a passed, it was thouzht desirnble to make the fee for shop licenses so high :15 to be practically prohibitory. It was accordinzlfi’ fixed :2: I Some mcmbers of the coun- cil considererl this bad policy and ruoved to have it reduced to $75. Tl‘e amendment was defeated by a vote of thrw: to two.

A union thzinl-ts:i'-‘in: service will be held in the Methoclist Church on Thursday night next 0

This p‘.ac-c bids fair to keep up its record forcrack shots. Mr. Can.-4 re-c<-.ntly brought down -1-6 c‘1icl:c:1s in two hours.

The yotiiig p-.-ople of the Engli.-l1 Reserve had {I :'\1X‘pl’l>t,‘ 1\'ir1’_\‘ :1: .\l r. llr11mmond‘s on \l-:;1'.d:1_\'ni«;l1t. The 1151131 l{:1§~i-i City 00:‘.- tin-_z::nt vras in attxrnslance.

Mr. J. \\'. l*':'.:nn while shooting rabbits one -lay last xu--.k siuldenly found himself Witliin tuenty feet of an enormous lynx. llc tired :1: the --.nim:1l :11~.dfortuu:1:cly killed him i11st.u1t.11:2o11sly

A 4.-ermiu amount of mischief 1-'2-.2 done by th: yo11:h.~ of this place on lmlloween but no dtSH“Ll'.‘Cl(\I1 of property was indulged in.

.Vu\‘. 4tlJ- lSS-1.

—- -~4

..... .-.

0.1 K Llli E 0BSEl{\'.kTORY.

.1] o-lrorolmzlrul In-purl.

nmm 1111-; 9th. O-:ror11-:1:, lS54. l§.u:os11-.'r1:1-1 reduced to 51:21 level. Hi-_'l1cst ‘Ilnd. 30.336 Lowest 15th, ‘.’9.3~43 .\lcan 'l‘>..\s ;':;1:.u'1'x 1-2---

lli«__-lu-.s: 77.1.! l.n\\'c.~‘Z L‘ 4 .'\lc:u1 l’1n;.\'o.\1 r:.\'.1:—--l 'l‘l1ux1cir.-rstorrnstx. l Fog

t--tal depth of L2 inches. Ssuw tell on 4 days dnri11_;:2-1.5 hours, and to 21 t0t'.1l \l€‘PLll of -1.25 inches. lh-:.\1.m1ts——§ The month cmnnicncwl with cold f.'l“on1y weutlicr :1r.-crvinpunied with rain and f0llow- ed by :1 mod:-r.1‘.c gale front tin: S U11 the 4th. The we:1tl1er cleared on the Ttliland prairie fires heczune very pre\'.1leut: -'cm~ } pt-r21111rc incrcascrl 1-onsirlc-rz1hl_v on the l3th, and romziincd high durinr; the “Indian Sum- mer” which continued until the lflth. when wcmlicr u;:ain l)t:L'?\llI(" cold_tl1erc being a. slight fall of snow on the 21%. the first this st-.'1~‘on, tciiiperature zrmliinlly decre:1s=-d, plowim_1; was stopped on the '27th., and win ter :1pparcntly set in.

-.__ _.-... .- -....._

H. ‘W. l{.\‘1cn'r.


Thu lmcizclors in this HelL'l1l)(‘1Tl'l0'.(l (and there is quite a batch of them) sonmtimc: get 1'. little lonesome, and to pass :1 few en- joyable hours drive over to Uncle Davie Youug_{’s. where |:l'1(‘_V' are sure to get :1 right royal welcome. Uncle Davie, with his banjo. accomp:1nied o11 the piano by .\liss Aggie, is the order of the day or evening more prob:1hl_\'. Miss .-’\Qr_ric and her sister

Mand, in their character songs, are very much anpreciated; and, with the kind hon- pitality of the worthy hostess, the hours glide by, warning them too soon that they must once more return to their lonesome dens. Quite a fow surprise partxes visited Uncle Davie last \Vinter from Roscland and the Rnddick settlement. the lads and lassies never regretting theircold sleigh ride home, as the wrirming Uncle Dzwic gave them would last for :1 long time. “"12 are all loolzimz forward to the cnmin,r__r “white nmntlu” of :1 '.\l:1nitnhr1 winter. and expect to get the deserts of all good nephews and neices. It is worth travelling a long: dis- tance to liear “Dave's" oriszin'al “Mar_v’s | Lamb." BAC1I1:1.ox.



l A man named Davidson fell fiom 8. liaudcar :-1 few days since and broke his rwck. ——-————<+¢o>— ————-

' “'I.V.\'El’EG GIL-kl-.\” S'l‘.-LVEJ.-KRIDS.

Trc: following are the inspection rulas

' filed by the cxznnining hoard of the Winni-

pr:g__: Board of Trzvdc. and wliich will, in all

- probability, he adopter! in f'.:ll at the 11c.\:t llI€:eti“g of the Board :

peg lir-.'1rd of 'l rude, now in forcc, governing the inspection of wheat:

No. 1 Hun» Sm-:1.\'n \\'111:A'r.~—Sl1ull be red fvfe \1'l’1:::1t, cr.1n17;1inim_v not more than ten per cent. mlmixtiire of softer ‘.'ari¢-tics: must be sound, well cle:1:1wl, an-l xx. i:.'.1 not less than .16 pounds to the rna-:1.-ur---l l‘-'.1.~‘l1e.-l.

No. 2 H.-um S1-1u.\'«.: W111-:.a'1‘.—-.\‘l1.-ill he rcd fyfc wheat, (:ont:1ining not in re than ten per cent. adm1xt111'¢.- of soft:-r 1' lZ'l(_'ll!1-‘ :

...-.._..-._ .___...........


well cleaned, and weizh rm: la-ss than 53 pounds to the me-i.-ured bushel.

reasonably clan), and "r:i'_'h not lc~'.~‘ than 56 rounds to thr‘- l!\C':'.~‘l' .d h1:sl1«:l.

. NO. 3 $PRI:\'f: '\“1'HF..-\' --.\'l1.1ll1-v.m1pr'inc:1ll l wheat fit for 1-.urcl1o11<\u2', :1:-7. ~'i:1~~ --:1-nngh lfor _\'o. ‘.2, 1‘Hl \.¢-i«_:l1in-_: not lc.~.- than 54 l pounds to tin: In"-'L.sl1rf:Il l.u~l:--l. -11:11-:('rr:1» .\'1-iziw; Wm.-.

, prise all wln-;-.: Elf fr-r tum lm-.

-.\'.h:.ll 1-0111- hur too low in \\':-iglit «-7 otl.c:v.i=e unfit for T‘?--.‘.’. .\'(-TE A. ——A:l '_'r»"-«l. ':-i :11 ulifniu is _~;l,i'-_vht. l_' damp shall l»-'2 rt-pr-rt»-ui " lln gr;-.-lo" with the in~'g*-.--:t0r's :1-'-tz1:ir-us I:‘= 1': 412:;-.lit_\' and condition. _ NOTE B.—All whé-:1'r that i< in :1 hc-:ir.in<_r v condition or too damp to l,-«.- clpn.-lids-rt-ll safe : for warclmusing or that hns an V (."\llFl'lL‘l"21lll(.‘ - admixture of fnreizzn grain or it-I-flu. nr is


fine is a’ Shitld hmrlnfl the Manlmba Pnatof l badly bin burn: whatever ‘-'rad(- i‘ 1r~i'rl1t ' ' . ._. *- 5.

otherwise he-, shall he repryrtetl “cnn ‘dcn'ned" with inspector's notatiruxs as to quality and coridition.

NOTE C.—“'heat containing :11)‘: admix- ture gf “goose wheat " shall ‘rm graded re- jccte ."

NOTE D.——V'l'heat containim: smut or

gzotten-r.3-. :;r-.> on \'il'‘\‘ a: Freeland’: book sproutpd kernels in howev" Slight de"ree I - , _ -_ ,

sha.ll.'in no case. grade in its class as niazh as No. 1.


A111‘: (':..’}u.:F {or <.-.1:-, Jso lease of house. .-‘Lddrcss PO. Box 119.

.........—-.. .........-... ......................-.....—..—

l*Lu_\' fell 0:12 a .-._\'_< durin_¢_: l5 l1o1:1's, and to '

The followin" are the rules of the \\'inni- '

.4... .4


i l

. _...-.......s--

e l l 1 l l l

l l

I 1 I l


Rulosrnu sm1'-:0 do on 1.; Shanks do no on l.l\‘6\r (‘In ,“ R‘‘l'‘°‘.‘v' d0 ' (H41) RA‘-R3" (1-N _ (0 Tom.---.9 do _ _ ‘_ m m - “horn--d =ur=t do _ _. m 1:‘. Pr-ilrlu €"hir‘l\v,nnq. “[1? P3“. U”. ' (\, -,-‘A \\'lld hunk: par uni;-__ ______l___ U .31 3;“ Rutter D--r nnun _ _ , _ m 9-; V-res D-"'rl.\1_ ' ' m M


lbs Pork. live» \voi‘.-ht. . 1:11 "how . . m l6 " Farmers per ion In: __, _ 759 ' Mntnon. t’f\n.~'t_ per ‘pound H m (n " it»: do ohms do H“ per 111) um um. pv-r pound Bacon do Lard do

._ _..—..1T'. _ .,.——


“£1 D:-13:1‘ uaniczd Moore W35 found i; been $9.. on anndav morning. hm-in. mu“? {D the snow all mszhn. He was . . T0269 when found and was sum‘ \O‘Ir\l.‘.9 b.O:p“ta]_ ; t or;l~:1n9. on the lulocl-t pavement, 5; En un 33'. James “eatherald had two DECKS tsken 03.

‘While two men were fighting in . “'innipet_v hotel. one of tho“, “mg Callaghan had :1 thumb taken 03,

From the pnlrit on Sunday last‘ R9‘f_ .\lr. Comm-on denounced the flogging of .\lcCnr-mi:-l: in bitten l:u1t:na«_-0- In clog. in: he said. Until an ample noolngv i; made to onr fathers and mothers. nnx sicters and hrotlierz. rofnce to ncknow. ledge the .-:uflmr.~ of tllie dsmd as either men or gentlemen."


Flour per ‘.00 pound.~‘..... . Short: ._ \\'hent per hush Oats do ‘ls-1-1:-_\' do . . _ Barf. roast. Q‘ nnnnd ..

do R:-a1'.l1\'v= weight no: mo

l.5\rd_ per run] 9!-I1~=m:e~. par pound

F‘1fl1.T. 1-: \&'p:: w fl-lf‘o“-flsh .-nm1;p.y_m .y',

_ salt mu m 'T‘rnu-’. -znlt.

a. 8:7:..a:>81.:8°33333:§3333388388-8385333b8o-9138885 .. ‘ti-I‘c5i3li‘l!38i88:'i=‘ulE888i‘a'898ll885‘a836i‘r33IBli!.

" l‘i('l:'c=rll _ P"‘RY0"<. I-Pr‘ hn<h_,, __ r, R»-nus‘, nor n .rL __ __ _ ‘1 Boone. im 5. nor 'nush__ __ _ I 5 T"!'"1DS. per hu.~'h........... .. cn Parrots '- __ m Rents .. Q) Onions. " . . .. Q" per non 11:1 _ . \\ oorl, mar ioqd _ U, ‘Play. per ton _ , w

I n In nnm n (‘Fug-!["_

It is IL lmrhuric crnoltv In rm-turn am we“; stornnchs of «~l1rn1m- invulida xvifh 1-‘...-,9, ‘,u,.m,_ tiviisniulslcke11i:1r:o‘lrn;:::_ wnnn 1-in-.1.-,(.)( mood BltI5‘l".~' will ro:.'x1lu.:ot}~ocromn. h_ lV\\\-(flu live,- and kidiwvs in so n.-.:rm-uhlu ._ 1nq_nv1or i'

liitintn & mourn,

Livery Sale and Feed Stables,

6TH STREET, Beiween llDSSlll 3. PrineessAve

l“il{ST-Cl..l.‘%.‘5‘ ltlf-TH ANI)

::m~:1.1s-:.1Ȥ 11o1:;<+3s_

Spcrixtl lt-.‘. -- t - .- n'n.-rciul 'l"r r.'r:lic'~.

lHllMPSllll llfilllllll & Ell,



--- u




must hr s_xoun(i. reasonably clean, and wcigli not less than 56 pound:-.1 to T.ll'.‘ mc-:1s1:1'¢-d '

N0. 1 Sm+.1.\'(: '\V1xr:.i'1'.---H1:-at be suiiml, ;

No. ‘2 SI>r.1.\'(; \\'1n:_n~ .\l-11:: I-- .-ouml, 3

1 l

26 76! «-53 E R 12 0'1"!‘ . 34.’! R BET‘.

(‘Al lill '1 1.‘-r Si‘ . c:¢1.1n11:~:s1<)>.'_ .\1.a_\'1'1'-.-..<:'1'1:1<1ans. AND H!-j_\'l-Il’..-U. _-a=:.::~"r.<.

"’.l'l.Jv.' .\'r':\\’ ". '_ "' .- ' ..~. ;-, }.I:».;.'x2--.-zz.-": ' l’nllo-.v1:'."- . l9»'-1:u.Lm-_- .‘-Ir» Fit-Do:1:.\'ll U - Vichy-' \"e-22 .'-. ::1.r ( .., Fir.“ l"r<-of 1's'1:' 1"-.

linotinu (!r-:m.-.-- "1 "V1-.1/:. -

_ . ‘;-- = L-..~;..-:1.-11.-on (Ki. l‘::.:1-23-. .1.-r:

C0lliL".f\'.u-- . 1, 1.’-:1: '~ v - ‘~' ‘-'_ ,l :14- O('I.'H.H Sir-u.:n-!..p 3 - Sc-r':a.nt.-z‘ l’.c--_'1\ ._ , ,[ ()flg¢-.- :';1,.‘1tr-=»-'.. X: 7: , _"._. . -._ . l>'.0. IJr.~.1.--r "-1 . -.:-, L-1 I517 '6} II‘ 4 9| * ‘.511 ‘Q . "1 R ~ Hand :-1»' 1,4 "‘ '~... up 4

J0!-if‘! z"‘.a'.C?';5'3.Q5?~,

1 ~ _1-‘ .-

Flu rezunvo-«Ii in ‘n 1-‘-.r-- _ t-nu! .A.venu-- and ["71 .~-.' ' 1'" ' -=~ -1_ P?“ ymrod to :22 ml} pm.-:.= r-’

Carriage’?!.13-l:v:1=k 1-. ‘-1 1 =1 1'2’

lvzimls -.r-. —- -- 1:‘


v I

Resadra oi -. 1.-.--::.zr. :.u'1


'1 A fir :l-- 31-,-we ' ' - "."\""I 2 an.-_-nr‘: to '.-.‘- ':'.'=' - . IL?’ whicl. wili :’ :. -..1- - . '-

B:azxu!u.- the-«.4 r