The Stage-Driver‘: Story.-

Bow Goat:-al ~tou‘- Life unloved and How Ella Drlv of Twin: lhcupcd Death.

The :.rzn°r.-.ilu:r of the pres-e::v. day. -'+.'~ ho is imrrir.~..i along lay ‘Jae ligzhtning ex- press, in- x:-- lnifict cars and palace


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g1g.:_-pr;-., -r_-l'i-u::: rev-.:r:.:- in :‘non9,i.lz to ~

1114,. 11:33 when the -cage can/:3; and pa.c- 2

kg: were the only umnns of c-'.r::muni- cation bezwe-on llie-tent Doints. It is rare l'.h."l.l. 0 _e df the ft.’-.1i oill-tin:-.: stage driven. :- met with ::r_-xv :4-days :Lua3. wvbvrn th-= vo’3'iK*'l' recently ran across ‘Roget:-. lla-ktli. of l_aU'Cl:‘.]7(lI'E«. N. l'.. he felt like :4 bihllligfflnllflf over the (lib- .-,m~._-rv of 4.-mu-:— rare -rolozz.-e of " forgot- ten 1.-fr.-_" .‘-Ir. l‘{‘|l~l-is.‘-ll. although one of

And Steam and Power

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the nioner-r’-. in -—t.4,:v: "l!'i\"1lfl (he for:nr_-r- ‘I

to I\'iar;:.u:. -‘zl ix-.-1r:_‘.' ‘rm.

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iv r.‘-1:; is-:22: --_~'.x:e-:.=*.vu I-Calls rust l3=i!'."i§n . i- _ 111.1 ll-.4» lair to live for ::..;n'. _-. -1.-'1: -.;;r: -1<'JTlt:\ of i;l.- 1- \rl_'. :-. would fill l‘. '.'r-l!.i:n£,-. .l.'_ goinl_:vi-~;-.-l :: 2 u.wnn‘.:m: :.-'-.:- l.e\x1-t-oz: with n - i~—-- A p-.;.-- :r.=.r,:-: i.2Z~l!l Gvz!‘..:'1tl Sc.-.1: 2- -'1. pas.-2!:-'_‘z‘.". tl.-c l‘I'?‘.l\'t\ ;;.v.'r- wax’ and the c--ncl‘: ClLZ1IL' --n the heel- of line as l:t--.-E ll n -4.'.-_. yrs. 2; ~.-.hip tii-.- lezl.-len :4» :1 gallop. Ga:nln,; ll.-lvllllflflill r:io:nuntmn ua-_'n rnvolutioz. of tin “'.il(.'L~l.~ the coach

1'-1.-I-7..'.-.-: ‘-2:.


aidr Hill) t=u- .-t.r-.-:-'.- ui La:-.-.:-: Stxniglst n"l.l..I'_"1-i ‘.l.i. ‘.1:-:-: -V. -'.r.=t-3» hlli ti-w.-L--ltl.-e .\'i:-._;ar.. liiv--:. '. v\vur»i-_ whlcl. l.ll'I.‘ 1'-vs! i.=<,~r---'--la..~.ln- l. 7L:_Ii' ~.rt-!_tl_v L9 «::-rL:s::; ' Yet ‘.h-- f.ll'l.ll ll.‘l.l..:'l nt'\'<'r r- lax‘--l i'.- ll-ll l um‘ i.ll'.' -.'l<‘.L!' h:‘:‘.n: its I'1n!:(.‘n-llI_i.::I of vlln: mu-,'. he «i-.~n-- in thv mm-rgg--: On sl:-l-in-vl .‘h-.- until the 1;; llocla “us l'l.' '.che<l tin ::'-'(.‘l' in‘. l'!il-:=_.-nt. Hf Ll-.'-.' wra. i.:r .42 In

of 1.’:-



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u: nu-l «l:trin_:1_. the voacl:

the hu -x - lurmi-,-lit to 21 st-uni -till l-.-fore I

;l,._- p;-,!:_ , -»;-...-r-. on c-mill r.'-:«.li7-'- ham or run. l. G(z.-;' ~_--:1’. :Ln«l pre.-l-u:.el :. = .'\Ir. .llZ'.~i~‘.-'-ll with lzi;_zi.1c:uxiiplL-rnent.s iur llln skill um.’ liraverv.

.'\ot'.\:iiistnml all his sLren;_-,Lil null his rolm.-l. I_'t_')Il.'HI.llCll[lO1l the .-tmin of contin- uous work fill-‘l expo.'~._ure proved to much for Mr. ll:-xslcell’.~ constitution. The C0l1nL‘lULjDll.l1l=,; of the CU'J.Cll 1U.l~l the necessary crmnpe-.l position in which he W8.- oblige-='i to sit. contributtell to this anal. an-’l .1: times he wus ol)li,I_',cLl to abuxiclon drivin-_: altogether.

Speaking: of this period he said '?

" i found it almost impossible to sleep at night ; my uppetite left me entirely and I had a tired feeling which I never know before and could LOL account for."

Dill you give up diving entirely '."'

"No. ltrie-l to keep up but it was only with the greatest effort. This

state of things existed for nearly twenty years until 1211:’ October when I went all to pieces.“

" In what. way '2"

"Oh. I doubled all up. could not walk without a cane and was ‘incapable of any effort or cxertion. I had a. constant de- sire to urinate both day and night, and a.lthou,qh l feltlike passing a. gallon every ten -uuzxuuca, uuly ti few drops could OS- cnpe anti they thick with sediment. Finzilly it ceased to flow entirely and I tliougllt death was very near.“

'-' lvhat «lid you do them 2"

Whntl should have done long be- fore: list-:-neli to my wife. Under her advice I began 21 new treatment-."

" And with what result ‘P‘‘

-- Wonderful. It unstopped the closed passages. and what: was still more won- derful, regulated the flow. The sedi- meuf. vanished : my appetite returned, and I am now well and good for twenty more years. wholly through the aid of Warner's Safe Cure that has done won- ders for me as well as for so many others.“

311'. Hrtslie-ll‘s experience is repeated every day in the lives of thousands of American men and women. As un- known evil ls undermining the existence of an innnumerable number who do not reulize the danger they in until health

‘has intirely depart-ed and death perhaps

staring them in the face. To neglect such important matters is like drifting in the current of Niagarzt above the Falls.


The Wilxnington Er.-m';1_r* .-\'az."s «tells how u lawn wus lighted: -1‘. a lawn party given by some ladies last night. at which croquet Ii,-_v,ured as an accessory. the sudden illumination of the ground in it most startling! and efiective manner was the theme or all present. It had become rather dark. and the croquet- players were finding some difficulty in distinguishing the hoop:-. when suddenly a beautiful clear light was shed with weird-like efiect over the lawn. The illumination seemed to _r-roceecl from two incandescent masses some emht or ten ftfflt from the ground. The efiect. was extremely pretty. and evoked ex- olamat-ions of arlmiratioii from every one, Upon investigation it was found that a couple of ordinary salmon bricks had been saturated-with some ignitable fiuid. and had been suspended upon wires tens-ely drawn across the lawn and then lighted."

__....._ ¢._—..._._.

The cod liver oil btxsiness is flourish-‘

iu‘g at Marseilles, and competition runs high. A repudiated advertisement of one of the manufacturers reads as fol-

lows 2 -‘ The cod being one of the small fislx--.4 of the son, is constantly tracked and pursued by its enemies, the whales and sharks. to , therefore it lives in is constant state of repair : and it is a

well established fact that fear engenders

in all living creatures jaundice and dis-

asses of the liver. Consequently. all

cocifish taken in the open sea have dis-

eased livers. But all my fish are caught

in a. safe harbor where marine monsters‘ cannot"_enter. They live there in peace

Their liveroaro p-arfectlv

healthy, and the reason why my and liver Oil is the best."

Tin: l')Ll}' r:‘l:.1£-<l_T '


l.'ul'~L'~ _ s=.'h(_-:2 l)_\' :4 ltl.a~.{L-I'i:.' v.'.".- i l'.\\‘lL::— its ovln l-.-tzutll mail 1

v.'ll:\'. ' .\ 1lu:--‘e xvn.-. rzaiu-4] bv‘


Tlireslie-I s


i ---\\'H03..l~L".-\l-E. .3: lrll-ITAII. DE.-§L}lR.\.' IN—-


—THE J. I. (‘ASE-I ’l.'fll>Il-l\l-3l'.\'=


.\l Aéfiil I}? if CO. '5 C EI.EBR_-XTED-~

STEM ililil Fllliiill THRESHERS,

Canadian Mowers & Binders,

of the best. Makers.

I02 _-our: _-\«.I~:_\"x'.- E-xI~: Till-.‘ (_'l-23,5‘:-;i-‘..~‘.'l'

eere fimerican

THE Cii..i3’ili FLOW.

~ \'\ hi.:n uwinaz

' The Deere Gang Plow,

to :l‘.-.- -npu.-ri-.»:i:‘. of its u-J:'§;. -. h:L.- won for it the r-.-pntzltiun of l;cln:_: the

Best Sulkey Flow in the Field!

iu'rVa'.‘y‘L‘l tnli }»it<:ilv:v.l «luv-‘ll the mountnitz ' ' - :0:

.';.--.~ ‘J! xn:tn.'ag.:in»:zl'., and li'_:htne.s of draft


l l l


l l I I l l l l

The Prairie Queen Breaker‘ The Highland Cross Flow.





- - THE McCDRi.-{"2

lS,0UO Q


\ .,:’?'~.'':. I. ,. v __ LINE. ILL. If you wish the ,*:enuim- John Deere i’lows_. see that each one has

the above trade mark .~'I:Iln[)(‘:i on ti.

.'»'3.0l_|0 Giipin Suléiey Plows now in use in the limited States.



World-renowned Twine Binder

The most. perfect liimler in the \V {‘ll_l, ‘£0,000 sold in the United States.


the Uniteul States

Brush Breakers. &c.

These two Mztchines are manufactured by the .\lc(.'oruiuck Harv sting Machine Co. C-hicago, Ill. -

ROBT‘. l)ARliACH,i









Uuderclothiiisg, Parasols. Gloves, Hosiery, and alarge stock of Men’s Clotliing to be rushed off lower than the


A large stock in all goods, at half the regular prices. Come and see the very low prices.



Now coming forwztrd, we will discontinue our Discount Sale ; but prices in all above lines will be far lower than ever. The closest buyers will be satisfied. Dealing, Straight Goods, and Bottom Prices.

Our Mottoes are Fair

‘P‘A_'I‘S:i;i?;Y. BRANDON.


Cor. 6th St..

such as cause them

The startling

press the

smoker BLOCK!

and Rosser Ave.

Our Fall Stock is Now Coming Forward.

And those who hztve already inspected the lines now in have no hesitation in saying the assortment and prices are


reductions in orices and good quality of the goods at once'iim-


That the place to buy their




B l{.$..\"D{}.\' i.‘O.‘.~"l‘ OF.’-‘.l(‘E

,1:-rit al and Departure of Dlails .-nu s 2-on :~-..-rvn-ta. .. v s .a: this 0.“ilc-.~ fir-‘ follow.-*1 For t‘::.- --.t-: - - . - 2 -15 For {hr ":2-st - - 5'

SOD!"-~ -ind \f-.".u'.n r-.\:1:x- Fri fin‘.

T!E?1l' .\l~.rur:'.-In route Fr:-lags‘ at

Milrm :and~'uuri.- 3.1:»-,1y,‘u nut-3. lion-.ih_v. an! Tm-~.--la_v H‘. T :1 m,

.1’~*-ll‘--L~-_".2.van«i .\lllJl}:"nl0~.‘l route .\x .n:iu.\‘ V’ 9‘-ilk“ ~l‘}‘ M3»! Pro! -3‘ at l p In

R’. K

$01‘!- l" ‘)'l'ue.<v.ln_\' at _* p ll.) an: ‘A ~'<1\'x.‘-‘G .-rr "rats nr1=t('}:. From ti. - ens 1:35 p. From Lh - ‘Vt <1 - - -

§_0t:ri-' ant-. \i *1. _ uuu._’n._,__ “mp u_1rtl:- .\luuu=:un: '1 e.'I‘hur.~.iav .1 -‘ }lllll)l‘d and $U\2."|\ .-[unlit ,'(u;h_=‘ "I 2

. . 9-5‘ run: l‘I“:tl:|_\‘ in 5 '.\. m

h‘-ll‘-'-' .‘!t‘~' route. 'l‘ur>~:l:t_v ‘I":‘*.r-.i.-4-. an K : E: It. in ' I-‘:\..‘sIo:x‘.:i_s.l1.:L=5;~:_ ¢).“l'I(‘l-I x=- - -v -_.-‘-- 1." '.:r- --xvi-ph-«I,

EH .

. nnch or-=n "rum 3. m.

be:'«\r-.- tn:-nl clog.-_-_ -2 2. t‘. l-.‘_-\ \'A.\'.-\uH. lr“u-‘t J-faster.

Aust.-:.\ (l!‘lClt.lll'.llL' ‘lluncm-_v.} lit-ig|m,. ‘De-n_n..nrf:11:11-iluluu: ll'l.liiKl|l nod l-‘nrne ls- l‘l.i:Il~'.l F "F -. I-‘.' :n('v .:n-l _.\]<_n-rl,n_ (:.-1-n;,”,v_-_

' and 3'. half storcgw 2

..---_..._....... ..... . .._~..—...._....,_.-...... ....


15 tmnu'.e.~

A (:l00DMc_!H.t.\%i:E.

I ‘HF. _~'uh:‘-cube!" .=:.-srs for solo or for

{Ann pro:-«-r:_\'. re '=-l‘-tlvtisliai Stony. one __ l '1... \-....l colmr in Satin: Cit)‘. .h -..~ on I.‘J.1'l‘{lt‘!1'! ogxpcurtrxniry for run- one wtskzznu to .-':.:\r:. s then: 2-: no 5:-are in the plnce .1: pl‘>.‘.\:-:12. r.-i_v in

-H1-‘>1-'.i l'.i.l..!(\T’!‘ .~.-::+-~..- City. Sonrishurz. 1’ 0.



.-\iwa_\s 0:121.-in-lend -_.~r-znzox‘. to ..‘!‘Il¢‘!‘. Lures for .\l'.:::-.«::;—al n--ll sumac‘: 1‘-:s'.rEc'.s.

—.4. - The Best. Bond Pa.per 15. D se_d. and o:x:_v:i1s:ci:l.-‘s v-‘ark ‘allowed In ;...“,;. ollfvr. 3?‘ Onion. l-v trail :~.::u~:i.ievZ to.

Sun Printing &.Pl:l1lisliEng C0.

D1 i.'u.‘:: i

.__.. o


In:-'!\'.\' .t (‘0.. of the scn:.v'rn'xc .\.\u:mc.\~:, r---.

l,"!»r.ult:a. . rilnm and lrulunn, in-.-...-..

Rru l.‘IIl')li|. '..- .«ll(l~. ]lHl_\" .l;(p;.1n_ ‘\{u'lv_,:__

\‘_<-lllw '- n-l-‘. .\nr\HI_\'. l‘ortu;:ul 3 H1 {sl:ln-l.- ; .

. -. -\.zur:-s. l’.us.~:u Grand ' .‘-‘lniun-i.\t. .Pl*‘l"l'Ir' wt Mlqn.-:._.u .~'p:iin' ~‘w.-ll.-n. \‘\vl'.-;,.-;-1;.ml_ Turl-:1 5' if-.::'-up l':li.i'.'.li \-mIi.-- 1.:-1'.--2 rule-PL-r § l'.z._ '..-, 1‘-0.=~=1'rIr<i~~-:u'h '_‘«-.:r1:-ws;-up»-rv-. und--r'_’ oz

10.. hon:-r ;.:a-.-in-I-'. .-.-unpiv-. el--.. ."t‘Kl.slr:-sllt)1l. 31-.

Advn -‘ \:‘uh'I.:..- Hriri.-ll Hm.-um vza N. Y., C:-_v1(vn.ll«m-..' ix’-‘-n-_' inn-‘in-!u:;: \luo_v. (_‘um..,, F-W0-l." rm‘. ll‘-Iik‘<"i'. .\'ln-.~pI~ and .<w:lIow, via 5. .‘.:.luri<-u-‘ and Us llepo-ml.-n._-1.,-_.-, Straits >'é-I7.‘--xno-nt.-' nf Hiu-_'ap(vr,g .\lalu(-ml: Lr:llL-t‘ rate per 5 nZ.. 100.: cur:l.~.-_’c.: m-v.v-pllpers, un.!-.-r 2 n;:._ -_'¢: glstrul lon so.



- v-r., .. Ix

lndln illrllisul Letter rule r § oz.. 15.2: post (‘:U‘ul.~ each 2:-.; n.-xvspnpers. und--r -3 ¢.z__ 3c.:_ book pin-kL—l.-. .<n:n;lle.~‘. ett‘.. per 2 oz..-It .;

egislralinu 5:- .\lISlL‘!'2LL.\.\')-Int"

Are:-ntmvR-lpuhllc: Letter r:\u=p-r l m-, : l0c.; no.-2 (-zlnls -Jo. emrn: nevx.-pzlpers. find:-r '_’oz..'2c.; book par-huts. samples. elc., Per oz.. 2c.: l"€‘glSl!'n('lOa.

Asplnxvnll. via )7. Y.: Letter rate, 5c. per g 02.‘; post cards.:2c. o.=:u:h: ncxvspupers, undo,- 2oz.. 2c.: book pack;-ls'smnple.-.etc-.,:m) 2c. registration. 5c.

South and l:\'(‘.~'l .-xustrulm, Tasmunia. vm San l-‘rnucl.-‘co: in :1) l.c-zzer rule. Tc. per i 1):. post card:-‘,——; newspapers. under 2 oz.. 24:.

001: packets. smnplcs. etc. (111) 3c. per -3 oz. registration. —.

zvew South \\':1les. Victoria and Queens- land. Vlfl T"-I (Cl Letter rule, 15¢. per 4 02., post curds.--: newspapers. under -.2 ozi, 20.; book packets. samples, etc.. -10. der 2 oz.; re- glstration. 15c.

New Zealnnd via 3. F.: (c) Letter rate 15¢. per l 0z.; postal cards. 2 cents each, book packets, saniixies. el.<'., 4c.per 2 oz .: registra- tion lac.

Bermuda: Letter rate,5c. per 5 oz,; post cards, 2c. each; newspapers under 2! oz. , 1c.‘ book packets, sum pie.‘-', etc... 1c. per oz.; x-g.' glstraiion 5c. B‘-azll, via Ht1lll'ax:Detter rate. 5c. per; oz,- past cards, 2c. each; ncwl=papers under 2 oz.’ 1c.. book pnckals. samples. etc., 2c. per 2 0.2.: registration. 5c.

Brazil. via. New York: Letter rate, 10c. per 3 02.; post cards. 2c, each: newspupers, under 2 oz., zc. book pncksts,samples. etc. . 2c. per 2 02.: registration. 5c.

Cape of Good Hope: Letter rate, 15¢, per oz.: psst cards,—; newspapers. under 2 oz. 2c. book packets,san1ples,etc..3c. per 2 oz.: rev lstrntlon, 7c. ‘’

Chill, vln New York: Letter rate we. par l z.: post cards. 2c. each; newspspc-rs, under 2 oz.. 3c. book pncke ts, samples, etc.. 8c. per o oz.-, registration. 5 c.

Java: Letter rate, we. per § 02.: post, cards 220.: each; newspapers, under 2 oz. 2 cents' book packets,snmples et.c., 2c. per 2 oz.; rem: stratlon,5c.

Mexico. via New York; Letter rate, me. per 3 oz.; postal cards, 2c. encb, newspapers. under -2 oz., 2c. book packets. samples etc.. 2 e, per 2 oz.; registration 5c.

Panama. via N. Y.::Letce: rate, 5c. per g 0;- pest cards ----ch; newspapers, under 2 oz.’ 2c.: book packe samples etc.;3c. per 2 oz.- rezistratlon. 5c. '

Peru, vlu N. Y.: Letter rate, 10¢ per 5 oz” post cards. 2c. each; newspapers. under 2 oz 2c.; book packets samples etc., 2c. ‘per 2 oz} registration. 5c. . '

Sandwich Islands, via S. F.: Letter rat. e 5c per g oz.; post cards, 20. each; newspn, pen. under £202. 1c.: book packets, samples, etc, lc per oz; reuistrntson. 5c.

Fiji Islands. via b. F; (:1) Letter rn.l.e,7 c. pet

oz.;post ca—ds——: newspapers, under2 oz, gc. book packets, samples, etc., 3c. per 2 oz; zegl lst.ratlon.—

Sierra. Leone: Letter rnte.10c. per 1: oz; post cards 2c. each newspapers, under '2 oz, 2c; book packets samples etc., 20. per 2 O2;1'eg]g. lratlon, 5c.

Uruguay: Letter rate.—per § oz; post cards

c each: newspapers under 2 oz. 10.; nooif tpggkgés. samples.e‘c., 2c,_z\er2 oz: 1-eR15tm_ . , ')

wnsrfxsnx ES.

Ball‘-units, via 5' Y :Lle-LIP" rate. be. per oz; postcards, 2c. each: newspapers. nude 1, oz.. 1c; book pa_ckets, samples, etc., lc per oz. registration, ac. .

Cuba, via .\. Y.: Letter rate. 52¢. per ,1 oz; Postcard. 2c. each: newspapers under 2 oz lc: book pack;-ts, samples. etc.,1c per -2 oz: reg. lstration. Dc -

French Posseaelons by all routes: Letter rztte. 10c per Q 02.: post cards. 2c each; news- papers,under-2 oz., 2c. book packets, sam- ples. etc.. 2c..per_-2 o_z; registration 5c.

Jamaica via ZN . 1-. direct mail: Letter mte 5c, er 3, oz.; post. cardsfzc. each; newspapers un er-2 oz. lc! book packets, samples, etc. 0;. 1c.; registration ac.

Jamaica. via Halifax Letter rate, 10¢. per a oz; post cards, 2c. each newspapers, undex 2 oz.. -2c. ,-book packets, samples, etc, 20. per oz: registration. L _ _

Haytl and San L-')mlnl;o. via. 2x 1.. direct mail: Letter rate. c. per § oz; post cards, %. each; newspapers, under 3 oz. lc.: book pack- ets, samples. etc.. 10- per 2 oz., registration, 5 ents. _ _

kpo;-3,0 Rico, via 3.} .: Lotte; rale.5c per oz,; post cards. '39‘ "Mb. newspapers. under oz.,1c- book_pacl_<ets, samples etc-., lc Der oz; reglstrat1on,.-zc.

Lucia: Letter rate. Sc. per :1 «'32.; post cards, 2c. each; news apers unuer 2 oz. lc book packets '-'um1' €'-“.0l-C-- 10- P9!‘ 202: rEE.'iatr3- tlon 5c.

St- Thomas, $L._Jo_hn and St. Croix (Danlsht cirect mail. via Ix. '1 .: Letterrate, 5c. perg east card.-s,2c each: newspap .under 1 oz._

: book packets, samples. el.,_ ,lc. per 2 oz_ pgistrntlon. oc.

St. Thomas via Halifax. Letter rate,lOc per

oz: post ca.rds,‘.’.c. each: newspapers undee

oz.. -2 .: book ppckets. samples. et.c.. 2c per oz: registration ac.

Trinidad: Letter rate, 10¢ per 5 oz: postal cards,-2c each: newspapers, under 2 oz. 2c: book packets, samples, etc. 2c: registration, 5c.

ID ll”-

Other places: in ‘Wsel. Indies. via S. Y.: (c a) Letter rote. 15¢. per 5 oz.; post. cards.—; news-

apers, under 2 0:. 3c.: book"ts,samples

c. 3c 2-.-: 2 oz; registration. l’Jc-

Oth-: rm --2 ~. if st Indies. via Hal1ta.x.(i.- slz Letter rate 12¢: per: 5 on: newspapers. under

oz.., Sc: book packets. 2 am pies. etc., 3c: per oz: registration 5c.


Prepayment compulsory. _Addil.lona1chnrge on delivery. _ sarnplcs cacao’. be sent ezrzepa til


u 4

tlnue to u.-: as S-ll:L‘ltun. 1.»: Pat:-m_\ t‘.:n-.1‘.-. ‘l‘-- ‘-2 Marks. (‘up_vrlL'.*::.~. :- r the 1'm:ui .‘l:Ilv~. \ ..z~ Elxlund. I-‘him-v. G('rt:l.l2'I_\‘. ctr. I Pall-r.'.s :4 -it five‘. '1‘! INT-l=:‘\-‘fl _1':':Il'.\'t' . - ubtaltru-d th: :u.'lI.\fl .\‘.\' .\ L‘0.: n ._ In the Sc l!‘..\'TlF!(‘ .-ua r .'-:lC.\.\'. the largest. he-. . ~. nmst widclv circulated scletititlc paper. Kim: a 1 - . \\'eekly. ‘Splendid en,:r-.1.vln;:s and inter--:-1 2; - fornmuon. Specimen copy or the Scientific A mur- Icnn .-om tn-e. Au.1r.-.-.- .\lL'.\'.\' .% C0.. srtnrrzez-. Auxa.1c.4L:\' Union. 361 Bx-undw:x_v, New York.




11"!‘ L’ 02.. 2:-.

ll11\l :1 l\lilli'i-1.2.!"


l'en-int: '

Now Burnt.

It will ll. -ui.'. :l'. :: --: 1}: or IH: ‘:-.\.u‘-: ‘.112: \:.1X'z- ut :hv.~ lou. .~t1i-'.tl.-.~ l--rr l'ri:-- zuni :m_L,'n-t particulars n]-ply tn


Ea'."l{iln one-an-i XL-llilll miles .-outli of city.

"D”iiE§§Mlil{lNG l

MlSSES lill[lPEh—~& GUHMABK.

.\' L'O‘.lll8(‘ll0!l with .\lis- Cooper's l—‘:nu-v (ioo.l-' Store. the above llzI.\'\.‘ uilllljllélletl u.

Dressmaking Branch.

This will receive the very bust attention. uud sutlsfucuou gnuratnlcud.

St. Mary’s Cariage Manufg. 80.,

CAPITAL $48,000.

A Division of S‘-ui-plus Stock will take place. on OCTOBER 22, 1884: SUE-o'C1{ll;I:3_’:\'O\V. SIIARES FIIR. SALE, 92 E.-lllll.

This is the best investment in _the Country. Semi for prospectus uml full [‘.:1!‘tlL'lllllX‘S to

JAS THOZ\1PSO.\', H. A. L. \\'HI'l‘F.'. President. Sec'v.-Trees, St. Mary's, Ont. .u:n.\‘ l‘.~j W’ (Tl-1 ll. BIG l‘01!l.|ll§.s'l0.\'.


A Rare.-%(;hance!

The undersigned having removed his Black- smith nnd Carriage Business to the corner of Princess Avenue and 9th street, he will now offer for unit: or lease, at a. very low figure, that valuable property on Pacific .-\vo., lately occu- pied by John Me-.\'nbb, known as the Brandon Carriage Works, suitable for machine shop, cm-penter's shop or stable. For further par- ticulars apply to

JOHN Mc.\'.-XBB. Brunclon Crrriage \‘Vo1-ks. Mnv 1. 4n’ . Cor. Princess Ave.. and 9th St

The Canada Northwest LAND Go.


THPJ undersigned has been appointed Agent. for this Company in Brandon, and is pre- pared to sell their Lands in this vicinity at Low Prices and on Reasonable Terms.


Agricultural, Garden and Flower Seed?- Clovers, Timothy and all varieties_ of Gun Seeds.

Ctsrcfully selected Seed Grains.

Tree Seeds

fi" Our Illustrated Catalogue and Price List mailed free on application.

R. 11. KEITH 6: Co.. Beedsmen, - Main Street, Winnipeg.


———THlR.D YEAR OF'—-

The Rapid City Academy

Begins October 22nd, 1881. Both Boys and Girls are adxmtred as Boarders or Day Pupils. but 1.11:.-_v should be at least 13 years of age.

Subjects tnuglit are all those required for an ordinary English education; Latin, Greek and I-‘rnceh fol matriculation into Manitoba. Univ- ersity: and music, drawing and painting,

TEACHERS‘ CL.-1SSES.—'1‘he work of prepar- ing 'I' for their _3rd and 2nd class non- profeasionnl examinations made a specialty,

BOARD_o_n the Clubbing system at actual cost. Tuition fees moderate. For full par tier»- apply to

S. J. MCKEE. B. A.

Badid Cit]. August m. 1881. Principal: