The Em! 0f The Wemen’s Auxiiiarzg

After the formation of the Women‘e Auxiliary in 1944, a sexual divisinn 0f labour existed in the operation of the Ccmmunity Ciub’s antivitiesc The men served an the executive; the women tamed] the auxiiiury. This cfiviston tended t0 carry aver into the Ctub's activities, Thus, the exewttve was respensihie fer Chub puztl‘icyzr leaking after the tnciiities, putting in the 5129, and so an: and the women tanked after most at the tund raising activities the operation of the canteen, teas, bazaars, and the like. But it was not campiete. For activities such as square dancing, the carnival and the operatien of the pfayground there was dome ca—opemtiem Moreever, the members of the auxili- ary, and other wcmen, turned up consistently at the reguiar meetings, contributed tn the discussien and put forward motiens.

The Wemenis Auxiiiary tasted! through the W503, but the division of responsibilities became pregressiveiy more fuzzy. Quite simpiy‘ conditiens tn thts period were such that men and wemen werevobiiged the work in tandem to achieve the ohiectives of the Ctuht tndeed, there were suggestione {which remain unconfirmed} that in the fate 1951M, probiems were experienced in gettng rut-fidth men to fiti key positions cm the executive and the Wemen’s ; ' Auxtiierm with Edna Abbey us Freeideht; ended up erning j” the attairs of the Ciub. in the early igéfi's; the ctivision hecame more and mare difficult to iustity, Finafiy, at the September 12¢ 1963 (2be regular meeting the foiiewtng metian was put forward:

Cestume Judging

; Moveci by Mrs. Lyens that the Ladies“ Auxiiiar‘y ' executive meet with the Men‘s executive at the next meeting with the tntention of amuigamatthg. Secended, H. .taeemflerried. '

Apparently: nothing came at the meeting, because there is rm further reterence ta the issue until April 23,, 1965 cit which time the foliewing motien was remrded: < _ , ,t . V Movect by G. McDennfd and eeconded by Doug Woods Jam pail curling . that the ladies write the men he ask them to emaigamete with them, Curried. '

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