A Brief History of the. Community of Grande Pointe .

. Grande Pointe was a settlement dating back to around 1870. There were some twelve or

so familiesliving in Grande Pointe at the time, a mixture ofMetis, French, European and

- Most of those early settlers settled along the Seine River before The Dominion . Government started building the railroad through (Brande Points in 1874. It was The

’Pembina Branch Railway (a part oftherCPR) and was completed to Emerson by 1878. It isinow knoWn as the CPR 300 Line. Some of the residents living in Grande Peinte worked on building the railroad. Once the railroad was completed the people started to settle near the railway . Some four years after the'railway was built a passenger train service was begun and a small railroad station was built in Grande Pointe. LateI a stock yard was added which enabled the farmers to lead their stock on the train to the market-in Wilmipeg‘.

Y So’me of the early settlers and pioneers between the years 1880’s to 1895 were:

Andre Beauehemin and son Andre, Ambroise Berard, Napoleon Bousquet, Hector Lapointe’, Louis Lamirande, Alfred & Pierre Villehrun, Joseph Laurence, Alex & Joseph Verniette, Pierre Lavallee, Ambroise & Louie Lepin, Ernest Feld, Thomas Ramsey Ritohot & son‘Andre, John Rowan & son John, Wencelaus Hallama.

i Pioneers and settlers that arrived between 1896 - 1910 were: 4

Anton Bahama, Frank Blahnilr, Arsene Hebert, Elzear- Roy, Louie Le‘ve'ille, Philipe St. Germain, G. LaLoune and J. B. Strebly. ' a

1 In 1896 a building was moved to the property which is now Lot 483 Louie Rd. It was namedRiel School #844. Prior to that time classes were held in a private home . Riel School burned down in the winter of 1943. It was rebuilt and later expanded to two rooms. Riel School closed April :1, 1967 and the building and property were sold. Three former students of Riel School became teachers and taught in the school, namely, . Anne and Mildred Hallama. ' ' -

Grande Pointe also had a meat canning company , (width was located on the property. between Lots 2477 and 2443 Hallama Drive) a cheese factory (1897 —— 1910) which was < -, located on the north side of the railway tracks in the area of what is now Lot 2410. There was a store and post office (located at what is now Lot 2446 Hallama Drive) and later a garage and gas pumps which were located at Lot 2599 Hallama Drive. There were also two dance halls. The first one Was in'the haylofi of a barn on what is now Lot 23 80 on the north side of the railway tracks. This was only used during the summer months as it Was not heated. When WW2 started the owner joined the army and the barn was closed. Another hall was started and located between Lots 2631 and Lot 2643. .It also only held dances and some weddings during the summer months. The grocery store and 7 cc w » l f few . ere also re coated at the same property or a years fiwi NE “5%.

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