Names of persons attending meeting of Riel Selma} District #844 as found in the Prévicial Archives dated: h/Iamh 1896 .

Thomas Ramsay JoSeph Larenoe ' Luuis Lepine ' Remit Lapointe Charles Menu

Andie Be'auchcmin Piem Vfllebmn Ambmise Retard . Louis and Joseph Ritchot’ Em'cSt Feld

J 01:11 Rowan V Napoleon Bousquct Wenceslaus Hall'ama

Pamms for Land granted in the eariiest residents ofG'ra‘nde Points:

John Rowm - July 4, 1887 » Andre-Rint ~- January18,1887 Andl’eBeamhemin - May 155, 1885 MafiaLarence - Januazy15,1885