i5"-Cemmifitees formed were:* chairman e-AleX'morden, secféfiary“-*Kay=moffat, théierningvdinfier ‘gJohn & Irene. Charles; program -'. 3:311: @290th mamas; caretaker Alex & Suéan‘mérden; advance tickets é=Dannyv& Jayne. Robefis'gn; drinks rat Cake break Allen rgicfgaté‘as-Jack fihétter, ééening~1unch ~‘Dsrothy Coe.'{aach Hartney.ceuple tn bring 2 leaves sandWiCEes & h.doz.'dainties).*gue$tw.* beck kaay“ficffatg inviting hgnoured guests i Alex:mQrden. V -‘-Hayor Reg Atkinsen, chairman of the Centennial J 'Committee;EWelccmed'the‘guests to Hartney and invited 2',1 them tn return for eur‘hnday celebration; July lstrte ' ' Twenty squarés‘(160'dancers);~with Stew Fox calling, enjoyed an afternacn“bf daficing,'a Ghiéken'velight ainner, én evenihg of dancing and‘luflch. This'Was,truly a Western-fianCe With gueSts from 23 tawns andtcitias in~ western fianééa~4namely’BoiaseVain, Brandon. Brnokdale,- Calgary;<Carievale; Grower; Déloraine, Elgin. Gainsborough. 'Gladsidhe, Hamiota, Eartney; Killarney, Newdale, Ninga, Gak Lake. ReaVers,'Sask;. Réston, Solsgirth,xSouris, ' Virdeh, Vancouver;'B.C., waskada, maWRnesa.» _ 1' i A spécial Draw waS wen by Alex & wary Forsyth frem Reston~~tw<> tickets:- for theCentennial. Dance held in «- the Eiartne'y Collegiaté an Wed. June 30th. -

' Hartnex School Activities

Pibneet'Daxs in Hartney SchadlSl flartney Scheol held a week calléd’??icnaer Days’ in coniunctioniwith Hartney \ & District Gehtennial acfiivitiés.' The week incluéedH demenstratiéns. films, fahcy dress, athletic events and taurs all relating to.life of our'early Pioneers.

The first twa days 9f the weak were set.aside for eaoh5élass to visit the fiartécam Museum ané'study the pictures and artifacté so well displayed. Mt. Bill Duthie frcm the museum committee was‘VGry helpful in 4 getting Gur schedule established. ' '