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glove making, liquid embroidery and making useful and attractive articles out of things which we would normally discard as useless.

The present board of directors (1970) are Mrs. G. Cowan (Pres), Mrs. M. Koscielny (lst Vice), Mrs. E. Wiltsey (2nd Vice), Mrs. D. Dennison (Sec), Mrs. F. Hyndman (Treas.), Mrs. W. Stewart, Mrs. L. McTavish, Mrs. G. Kirkpatrick, Mrs. M. Greenaway and Mrs. P. McTavish.

They are also proud to have had a member (Mrs. G. Kirkpatrick) on the district board for eleven successive years. At the present time she is secretary of the Birtle district.

In looking back over their twenty one years as an organization, they are pleased to think they have contributed to the betterment of their community, province and country, and at the same time enriched their own lives, thereby fulfilling their Motto “For Home and Country“.

Submitted by (Mrs. G.) Evelyn Cowan


This memorial cairn was erected at the site of an R.C.A.F. trainer plane crash, which occurred on the night of Iune 9, 1942; that took the lives of four young airmen. The Cairn stands on the “Correction line” road at the s.w. corner of section 5-15-20.

The cairn was built by the late Wm. Bowditch. Financial assistance was obtained through community collections and left at S. W. Smith’s store in Cardale. The stones for cairn were taken from a nearby stonepile.

The R.M. of Saskatchewan upon being contacted by Mr. and Mrs. C. Shield, donated the bronze plaque, The printing was done free of charge by a Brandon Printer. This is the only Cairn in Canada which marks the spot of an R.C.A.F. trainer plane crash.

The cairn was unveiled at an impressive ceremony attended by members of Rivers Air Training School and residents of surrounding district.


On July 4, 1968 Blanshard Municipality applied for assistance from P.F.R.A. for a community dugout on the road allowance between n.e. section of 31-14-21 and n.w. section of 32-14-21. This location proved to be unsatisfactory on account of poor sub~soil.

So location was changed to s.e. of section 5-15-21 about 1/2 mile n.w. of Cardale. The purpose of dugout is to serve as agricultural needs, the Village of Cardale and surrounding area.

Right of way required 5.2 acres, and size of dugout to be 300 ft. long, 150 ft. wide and 15 ft. deep.