points out the advantages we enjoy in the present!

Her Grade 6 classes are joined by the Golden Agers to sing Linda’s song.

3. Golden Agers Choir - leader, Mrs. F. Baird

4. Greetings from the Town of Swan River - Mr. John Kastrukoff

5. Recitation - George Fierstine

In the winters of ‘31 and ‘32, Scotty Bell - an early pioneer to the valley, and George F ierstine, were bud- dies in a bush camp 24 miles west of Bowsman, on the Woody River. Scotty kept a pad and pencil in the bunkhouse, and as ideas come to him, he would jot them down, a line or two at a time. In the evening, he and George would make them into poetry, putting it all to- gether in the spring of 1932.

It is a privilege to have George here. We’ll ask him to recite that poem, written 66 years ago.

6. Taylor School Recorders - teacher, Mrs. P. Richenhaller

Pat Richenhaller, with her husband Ed, moved to the valley in 1965, settling in Kenville. They both taught school in the valley for many years, moving to Swan River in 1985. Ed is now retired, but as you can see, Pat is still teaching and is here with her Grade 6 class from Taylor School. They are learning co-operation as well as music, when they play their recorders!

7. Singer, Mr. Gordon Jeffrery

Gordon Jeffrey, of Bowsman, loves music, and likes to encourage young people to take part in musical things. He not only sings, but is also a long time member of the “Silver Strings”. He too composed his solo.

8. Violin and Piano - Kara and mother, Evelyn Bredin

Kara Bredin accompanied by her mother, is a musical young lady who plays the piano, the trumpet and sings, as well as playing the violin.

9. Ukrainian Dancers - Amanda Hardie, Kylie Young

Amanda Hardie and Kylie Young represented a col- ourful and lively part of our history with a Ukrainian Dance Solo. Through dance, they, and many other young people, are learning about the rich culture of the people who came here to settle, from the Ukraine.

10. Duet Rachel, Vanessa Jersak. Accompanied by Grandmother, Mrs. Joe J ersak

The Music Festival in Swan River was “born” in 1935, with sessions being held in the Palace Theatre (now the Dry Cleaners). The Festival movement has grown, but still maintains the same purpose of encouraging young people to participate in the performing arts.

Rachel and Vanessa J ersak, along with their Grandma, Mrs. Joe Jersak, from the Minitonas area, took part in the Heritage class of this year’s festival, and won the Swan Valley Centennial award for their duet.

l 1. Message from the Centennial Comittee - Mr. Bob Tibble

12. Kristen Mateika - Accompanied by Jean Chapple

13. Golden Agers Choir

The Golden Agers Choir, sponsored by Honor Rebekah Lodge, started at the home of Jack and Ollie Belton, around 1977.

Gwen Goodman was director and Kay Barrett, pian. ist. In 1985 Gwen retired when Frances Baird took over. Kay continued to accompany the choir until her 90th birthday, in 1996. Since then Jean Chapple, Shirley Thompson and Carolle Cowan have shared their talents at the piano.

The choir members of today, thank all those members who are not with us now, for carrying on, so we can keep the legacy of singing the old songs going.

Accompanists: Mrs. Jean Chapple, Mrs. Carolle Cowan Acknowledgements and Thank You extended to: All program participants Town of Swan River Legion Auxiliary Ladies Rotary Club Legion Community Hall Citizens of Yesteryear Swan River Centennial Celebration Committee T hankyou for attending the anniversary tea. Happy Birthday Swan River and Swan Valley Submitted by: Boris Zenchyshyn

Centennial Farm Recognition May 17, 1998 at the Swan Valley Museum Complex

Just over 300 people attended the Centennial Farm Recognition banquet May 17, 1998 held at the Swan Valley Museum Complex. The room had been trans- formed into a banquet setting with decorations looked after by Jan Linklater, table centres by Phyllis Hombeck- Forest Capital of Canada with more flowers added by Evelyn Evaschenko, candles, Centennial serviettes and programs. Maps and pictures of 100 years ago were displayed on the wall. Following “0 Canada”- Played by Laura TerHorst, Lionel Henderson asked the bless- ing before everyone enjoyed the smorgasborg meal PYO' vided by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church ladies. The tables were cleared and the emcee for the evening. Fre

oSigurdson, called on Glen Roberts to sing. One this