A larger tractor was in use and more land had been purchased, a new house and bam were built. As well as grain farming, they raised livestock. The family were active in church, school, sports and served on several community boards. Brent Gray and wife Connie pres— ently reside and farm the land on S.W. 14-35-28 There are two children, Amanda and Stacy and this famrly are also active in school and sports. Brent currently serves on the local Pool Elevator Board as did the previous generations. There is now a larger tractor and equip- ment in use, the land being worked and cared for as it was in the past.

Submitted by: Lloyd and Brent Gray

Cecil and Flora Gray

Cecil Gray was born in Scarborough Township, On- tario on January 18, 1891. Along with his parents Albert Edwards and Marion Margaret (Stewart) they left Scarborough in l 891 going by train to Minnedosa, then to Dauphin, and to Swan Valley in 1 898, by oxen and cart. They purchased their homestead S.W. 14-35-28 for one dollar an acre.

While moving from Dauphin they had to ford a river which led to the wagon box floating 011" the wagon frame, resulting in them losing a lot of their possessions, all the flour, all but the centre of the bag was wasted, and the mattresses soaked. The challenge that day was drying them out over tree limbs.

The family moved to the valley by oxen and wagon following the railway lines which went as far as Cowan then following the ridge to the valley. In moving they took 8—10 cattle, 3 horses, a few pieces of furniture, and personal belongings. This trip took a week; A smudge was made at night to keep away the mosqui- toes, and black flies. Horses were hobbled to keep them from wandering away. Breakfast was primarily pan- cakes, bannock and raspberries, strawberries, and other benies which they picked along the hail.

Marion knit socks and mitts to sell, using the proceeds primarily to buy groceries. At night, light was generated by burning a greased cloth or else sitting in front of a small two lid stove with a mica front that had small open- ings. Farming was also hard work in practically every phase of the operation. (Harvesting involved flailing of the grain by hand)

Cecil lefi school afier fifth or sixth grade buying the half section of land from his father in 1919 where he farmed until his retirement to Kenville in 1945.

Early in the morning Cecil would go to the Duck Moun- tains for his supply of wood. Before leaving he would

place the back bob over the front bob with his supply of hay and lunch. During the day he would eat his from1 lunch or thaw it over a fire. He always wore his men coat over his other winter clothes. He had a Ford tram tor which ran the wood cutter and with help from his family and neighbours he sawed the logs, later on re. tuming the favour to die neighbours and helping them

He had a Model T Ford, and when he couldn’t a muddy hill he would turn around and put the reverse and go up the hill backwards.

When three of his children contracted scarlet fever and were quarantined for six weeks, neighbours would bring their groceries and mail to the end of the lane.

A quarantine notice was placed on the front door and the children weren’t allowed to leave the farm.

Cecil and his family usually went to town by cutter and if lucky they went in a heated van. Sometimes the van or sleigh would upset because of road conditions, or uneven tracks. Whenever the van or sleigh would upset there was always the fear of the van catching on fire.

Cecil married Flora Naomi McShane in 1921. Flora was born in Sharon, Ontario on October 5, 1904 to Fred and Eliza McShane. At an early age she moved to Netherhill, Saskatchewan with her family. When her mother died, Flora, along with her sister Dorothy and brothers Ralph and Donald came to live with their Uncle and Aunt, John and Minnie McShane on the farm near Kenville (Merv and Jane Beasley now reside on that farm). Flora was educated in Kenville and worked at the post office for Mr. Starkey. At age 16 she joined the newly formed Young Women’s Missionary Society and served as President and later Secretary. Flora was a member of the Kenville United Church and the La- dies’ Auxiliary as well as filling in as the pianist inthe church.

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Cecil and Flora Gray