Tabea was a tireless church worker. Her strong belief stood her well during her lifetime and continues to be an rnsprration for her children. She truly enjoyed sewing. There was nothing she couldn’t look at and sew without aid of a pattern. The feathers from Roy's duck hunting were quickly turned into the many pillows and feather ticks she made to keep us warm. Her many comforters, quilts and pillows have become very useful family heir- looms. She also had a “green thumb”. She took great pleasure in her flower and vegetable garden. But her greatest love was for her children and grandchildren.

Tabea and Roy moved into Minitonas in the fall of 1951. Roy continued farming until he retired in 1962.

Submitted by: George Henderson

Nelson and Eunice Henderson

In 1 899 Jim Henderson accompanied by son Russell came to Tent Town purchasing the NW 1/4 25-36-26. They constructed buildings with the help of brothers. In the spring of 1900 Mrs. Henderson (Mary Jane) came from Glencoe, Ontario with the farme of Gordon, Nel- son and Mae. By then the train tracks were to Minitonas, so the family was united again. Nelson spent his school years in West Favelle which was the first school in the Valley. I

Nelson and Gordon enlisted in W.W. I. both wounded in France. They returned to farm with their father Jim and brothers. Nelson married Eunice Watson of the Florade district (a pioneer family). Nelson took over the farm afier the death of Jim from typhoid fever in 1923. From this union a family of seven boys and a girl were raised in West Favelle district. Sports, family gatherings, singing and church were an important part of the family life. Our parents stressed the importance of a good edu- cation and as a result afier University training the family members resided in all parts of Canada. Mom and Dad liked traveling to visit their sons and daughters and grand children. Both are now deceased.

Feme married Glen Atkinson after they received de- grees from U of M. They spent many years working with F.A.O. setting up programs in Ghana, Ecuador, India, Leasota (S. Africa). Now reside in Ottawa.

They have three girls Carla, Tannis and Darcy. Dr. Carla and husband Blaine Meurseau now live in Florida with theirthree children. Tannis works and lives in Whitehorse. Darcy works as a librarian in Toronto.

Clifford never married, remained in the district, farm- ing grain and livestock. He was active in Community activities such as 4-H leader, church, Credit Union, Fair Board, Pool elevator and sports. Now retired will spend


more time fishing and camping.

Wesley and Eleanor reside in Ottawa where he teaches English to new immigrants. Wes worked for Canadian Seed growers and A.U.C. for a number of years and two years with C.I.D.A. in Sri Lanka. He is now re— tired. Their girls, Lis works in Toronto and Jennifer, and husband Keith Denny are also in Toronto.

Glen and Elaine live on the former West Favelle school site. Elaine worked as a dietition. Glen worked in British Columbia for Standard Oil and Federated Co-op be. fore coming back to farm. They were active in commu— nity affairs with Co—op, M.P.E. and church. Glen is a sailing enthusiast so you will see him on the lakes gliding about. Their family, David in Ottawa works as clima- tologist. Bradley and Debora now reside in Ottawa af- ter nearly two years in Ecuador working with an inter- national developement agency. Jill and Blair Minish live on their farm. Blair is a partner in Northern Specialties in Swan River. They have a boy Hans and girl Carlee.

Everett resides in Naniamo, British Columbia. He lost his wife Audrey in 1992 after a battle with cancer. He worked over 35 years for MacMillan-Bleodel and played hockey most of those years. He spends most spare time now on the golf course and visiting his two daughters. Jill, a hospital administrator lives in Vernon, British Columbia. Janet and husband Gavin Bowers are in Victoria where she works part time and he teaches. They will be going to England in July on a teacher ex- change program for two years. They have a daughter Celine.

Lionel and Laura reside on a Centennial farm formally settled by Chris Henderson in l 898. Lionel raised hogs as part of his farming enterprise, winning many awards for breeding stock. Laura taught school and works part time in Swan River. Choir and barbershoppers are some of their interest. Marc their first born lives and works in Brandon at Clark’s Poultry. Bryce is nearing completion of his Dr’s degrees in Winnipeg when he intends to be an orthopedic surgeon. Shanley is at U of Saskachewan studying Veterinarian Medicine.

Bruce and Carrol live on the farm formally settled by Jim Henderson 1899. They took over this farm from Mom and Dad when they moved to Swan River. They have been very active in the community such as United Church, Credit Union, nursery school, curling club and crafts. Theirthree sons— Kelvin and Darline live in Win- nipeg both working for Winnipeg Free Press. Jason and Susan work in Toronto, living in Brampton. Reid resrdes in Winnipeg and manages an insurance agency m Oakbank.