trance. The Family Fashions department was enlarged considerably and now carried a reasonably full line of clothing for all members of the family, as well as a good selection of yard goods and household linens and craft items.

People were increasingly accepting the Co-op store as a meeting place and Co-op label products were be— ing better accepted. Our membership was growing stead- ily. The guilds received a lot of encouragement and help through F.C.L and while that relationship existed they thrived. When managers and/0r FCL withdrew their support the guilds ceased to exist.

By 1965 the new building was paid for and a new and bigger expansion was needed. This time the new addi- tion was an extension of 20,000 square feet. The coffee shop was also expanded into a full cafeteria which was located on the mezzanine floor overlooking the shop- ping centre. Also located on the mezzanine floor was the fumiture department, the administration offices, and a space was leased for an insurance office. We now had a membership of aproxirnately 4000. This was the posi- tion of Swan Valley Consumer’s Co-op when the high inflation times of the late 70's anived.

At this time the board of directors decided against bor- rowing money for any fiuther expansion. Our financial picture was strong and we maintained it. We have been able to upgrade our facility and continue with an annual equity repayment over the years.

Computerized bookkeeping provided accurate ac- counting procedures to monitor where we were pre- forrning well and where we needed to improve.

Freezer space to meet the increasing demand for fast frozen foods was increased.


Renovated shopplng center - 1988.

UPC coding of merchandise also has improved our capability of controlling pricing and inventory.

In the 90’s F CL has been in a position to offer several promotions which encouraged Coops to upgrade their image not only locally but as a Co-op Retailing System. During the last five years (1990-1995), our Co-op has taken advantage of many of these programs and without

going into debt have increased our services in the fol~ lowing areas.

We have:

-enlarged our meat and produce sections,

-introduced a deli and bakeoff.

-relocated our bulk plant and upgraded it to meet en. vironmental standards for petroleum products, fertiliz-

ers and farm chemicals, and installed a card lock system for commercial users.

econd petroleum ite . north of Pioneer Eleva— tors .

-added another bay and more storage area to our serv- ice station and upgraded it to meet environmental stand- ards including new underground storage tanks which

necessitated a costly environmental clean-up.

Swan Valley Co—op Service Sation.

-provided additional parking for both members and 5

-provided an elevator to make our cafeteria, mime department and administration offices wheel chair ac- cessible.

-upgraded and remerchandised our hardware dept

-rep1aced our fiiel trucks with the latest in dual axil heavy duty chassis.

-provided an environmentally friendly geothermal h?" ing and Cooling system in our bulk plant operation an In the family fashions department.