MERCANriLE iN‘rEREs'l‘s. 37

Their business, under its present successful management, will doubtless grow and increase with the development and settling up of the country, and remain one of the leading agricultural imple- ment establishments of this famed country. ,


This gentleman established business in this pushing city in 1878 and conducts an extensive general store, and is numbered as one of the pioneer merchants. The premises occupied are main building on corner of Dominion and Winnipeg Streets, 28x60 feet in area with two flats, also ware room 24x45 feet in area; all of which is well stocked with about $15,000 worth of carefully select- ed goods, consisting of staple and fancy dry goods and groceries, hats, caps and crockery, which are bought with special reference to the wants of the trade in this new country which Mr. Sufl'el is fully able to understand from his years of experience in business in Southern Manitoba, and the patronage enjoyed is evidence of his success.

His business has steadily increased ever since his opening day and his institution stands to-day one of the leading mercantile houses of Emerson, and the trade done amounts to about $30,000 per annum. Mr. Sufi'el’s business gives employment to three per- sons‘who are courteous and attentive to customers, and the gen- eral supervision is conducted by himself which is a suflicient guar- antee of satisfaction to patrons.


This firm undoubtedly stand among the first mercantile houses of Southern Manitoba, and their different branches of business have accomplished a huge work in the centering of the trade of that district in the Gate City.

In this sketch we shall treat of their mercantile business only as their manufacturing branch is sketched in another portion of our work under the heading of the Emerson Agricultural Works.

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