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Early in 1882 this firm, which has been identified for a number of years with the manufacturing industries of Emerson, bought out the furniture and upholstering business of Messrs. Johnston Bros.

. and now conduct a live trade in this line, in connection with their other industries. They carry a carefully selected stock of fine and common furniture, with which they unite the sale of organs and pianos. Their trede ever since their opening day has been ex- ceptionally large, and they are crowded constantly to secure furni- ture enough for their customers, yet with their years of experience in this new country they are able to anticipate the wants of patrons and supply before hand the necessary articles, therefore customers will always find with them what they are looking after, with quality and price to suit, be it an elegant parlor set or ordi- nary kitchen outfit. This department of the firms business is superintended by Mr. Noble, and those who are acquainted with him understand that this is and will be a properly conducted

“teemblishment. '


This gentlema‘tf éhf the enterprising business men who dur- ; ing the past year'hhf'v‘e'cast in their lot with the Gate City, and set- tled down to assist in her commercial upbuilding. In October,

1881, Mr. Jones embarked in the dry goods business at his present ,‘ stand in the McKay Block on Dominion street, and has since had

a prosperous and fast‘increasing business. He is a dry goods man of thirty-five years eig'perience, and has been connected with the business in several oil“ the leading cities of Canada and Great Britain. He confines himself to a purely dry goods trade, and his stores contain a stock of the newest goods the markets afford, while their inner arrangements altogether show that they are managed by one who is master of his business.

Mr. Jones’ locating here was certainly a valuable addition to the

city’s mercantile interests, and he has doubtless entered upon a '

long career of business prosperity.


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