the business portion of the city. Their business gives employment to four hands, and is fast increasing with the growth of the city. Messrs. Killer & Akins make a specialty of clothing and the finer grades of ladies dress goods, silks, gloves, etc., and have succeeded in building up a large city trade in their line.

In the commercial structure of this city this live firm form a prominent part, and will continue to grow and increase with the development of the country.


The stores of this gentleman are located on Dominion street, and are ranked among the leading grocery establishments of Southern Manitoba. Mr. McLean’s advent in business here dates only from January, 1882, but he has been a resident of this city for over two years, and has for some time been numbered among the live business men. In his present business he succeeded Mr. J. W. Whitmen, and he now has a patronage which extends over a large portion of Southern Manitoba. He aims to do only a family trade, but considerable jobbing comes to him‘ from the smaller towns of the West, and is steadily increasing. His premises comprise his sale room, 25x50 feet in area, and extensiev warehouse room in the rear of the same, and their fittings and other arrangements are the very acme of neatness and fine taste, while his stock is large and well selected, and comprises a full variety of staple and fancy groceries, provisions, crockery, glass and china ware.

Mr. McLean is among the recent additions to the mercantile in- terests of the city, and there is every reason to believe that he will prove a very valuable one.


This establishment is the property of Mr. F. T. Carmen, whe be- gan business here some three years ago in a small way with a stock of drugs and sundries, valued for about $500, but has by close ap- plication to the wants of the trade, and by careful preparation of all '

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