the city and surrounding country, and are fast gliding into a posi-

tion among the city’s leading business men. They belong to a

class who, by uniting practical mechanical skill with good busi:

ness ability, make success a foregone conclusion, and are of great p value in building up a city’s industries.


The business of this firm is that of general carriage, sleigh and cutter manufacturers, although they sometimes make a few light Wagons for delivery purposes, or something similar. In connec? tion with their manufacturing they conduct a general blacksmith- ing, shoeing and repair shop.

To give some idea how truly deserving and industrious mechan- ics and business men may succeed in this country, we will give a short sketch of the growth and prosperity of Mr. Sabin, the senior and principal proprietor of the above firm: He came to this place about four years ago, and up to November, 1880, labored as a journeyman, at which time he bought the lot on which his car- riage factory is now built on Main street, and erected a small shop 18x25 feet in area. His business has so increased, and the demand for‘his work has become so great, that he is now conducting two establishments, one where he originally started, to which he has made large additions, and uses exclusively in the manufacture of carriages, buggies, sleighs and cutters, the other a general black- smithing and shoeing shop; and early in the coming season he will add the sale of all classes of vehicles not manufactured by himself, which he will import from the Eastern markets. His business now gives employment to six skilled mechanics, and will doubtless grow and increase with the country and city, and remain one of the leading manufacturing enterprises of Emerson.


This gentleman is a representative of the industry which orig- inated among the fig leaves of Old Eden, and consequently belongs