LEA & 00.

This firm is composed of Messrs. R. N. Lea. E. G. Simcox and G. W. Baker, and they carry on the business of real estate brokers and loan agents. Their start in business dates from December lst, 1882, but all three are old residents of this district, and two of the number have been for years located here in the Dominion civil service.

In real estate the firm do a general business, both on their own account and on commission, and buy and sell every class of town and farm property, improved and unimproved. They are pro- prietors of Rock Lake City, a point west of this on the Canadian Pacific and Manitoba Southwestern railway, which is located in one of the most fertile districts in. the whole Northwest, and where, in the near future, there is bound to be a prosperous and populous city, and which now ofl‘ers a fine field for settlement or speculative . investment.

The principal efi'orts of this firm are put forth in the loan depart- ment. They act as agents for distant capitalists, principally English, and invest the funds of such in Manitoba real estate securities. In this manner they have placed during the last three months over $200,000, so that outside of their real estate transac- tions they are rendering valuable services as auxilliaries in the great work of developing this wondrous Northwest.

The firm have commodious oflices on Dominion street, nearly opposite the Emerson House.


The establishment of a branch of this great banking corporation in Emerson in J anuary. 1881, was one of the most valuable addi- tions ever made to the city’s business interests, and has since proved a great boon to her business 'men. The headquarters of the bank is in Montreal, and its capital is $5,500,000, which is supplemented by a surplus reserve of $500,000. The branch here, ' has been, since its establishment, under the management of Mr. H. G. Evans, and from the first it has done a prosperous and fast