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- During the coming season this gentleman will doubtless turn out some handsome light vehicles, and continue to increase his capacity with the demands of the public. Such manufacturing enterprises aid materially in building up a city, as they give em- ployment to labor. '


This gentleman is proprietor of the Ontario Bakery, which he opened up in 1879, and can be considered the pioneer establish- ment of the kind. Mr. Johnson is a practical baker as well as successful business man, and has built up his trade to very fair proportions. He makes a very good quality of bread; also pies, cakes, and every article usually prepared in a good institution of this kind. He uses about fifteen barrels of flour per week, and his business employs two hands.


These gentlemen are engaged in furnishing the public the “Staff of Life.” Their business is that of Bakers, and they established themselves here January lst, 1882, and have succeeded in building up a trade which requires the use of fifteen barrels of flour per week. Messrs. Crawford Bros. are practical bakers of ten years’ experience, and are able to_ give good satisfaction in their line, and the patronage they have built up is sufficient evidence of the same. In connection with the manufacture of bread, cakes, pies, 616., they conduct a confectionery establishment, and carry a very nice stock.