Elkwood School 1954. Back Row, L to R: Marie Foster, Frances Foster, Peggy Robertson, Elsie Toms. Second Row, L to R: Bernadette Toms, Bernet Toms, Ronnie Ring, Donna Robertson, Ruby Robertson. Front Row, L to R: Wayne Ring, Mary Grimstead, Sylvia Grimstead.

Miss Floyd, teacher and Matt (Scottie) Lamberton.

August 10, I916. Elkwood School Auditors report.

To the Trustees of Elkwoocl 5.117.

I have examined the accounts, vouchers, etc., of the above school district, and am satisfied of their correctness.

All iut'ormation was readily given and every assistance given to enable me to declare the books to be well kept, the

1 accounts in good order, and satisfactory in every particular.

(Signed) A. P. DAVIDSON, Auditor;


Falmouth School.

FALMOUTH SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 1856 submitted by Hazel K ittner and Elsie Baker

The school district of Falmouth No. 1856 was formed on February 13, 1917 by By-law 348 of the Rural Municipality of Westbourne. The school was built on Sec 34-18-11-2W and opened in the fall of 1917 with 10 boys and 12 girls registered. Mrs. T. Grove was the teacher and Ira Stratton was Trustee. In 1936 April 14th by Order of Council No 431/ 36 the district was readjusted and included in the Rural Municipality of Glenella No. 1006 in Ward 5. In the spring of 1925 the Ferguson School No. 1841 burned and the pupils went to Falmouth.

In 1937—38 a few pupils were transferred from Davey School No. 1735 to the Falmouth school but in 1938-41 the Falmouth pupils were bused to Amaranth school due to the low enrollment.

In 1942 several pupils from the Lone Spruce No. 1984 were tran- sferred to the Falmouth school for a few years.

In 1962 August 26th the school was dissolved, sold to Matt Oswald and the pupils were transported and registered in the Amaranth School.

Teachers who taught in Falmouth School included the following: 1917-19— Mrs. T. Grove

1919-20- S. Crook

1920-21- S. Crook and M. McCoughlin

1921-22- M. McCouglin, Ed Moffat and Bill Johnston

1922-23- B. Johnston, R.A. Ruthledge and A.A. Sanford

1923-24- A.A. Sanford and G.S.Guest

1924-25— L.S. Dumeresq

1925-26- Margaret Marshall

1926-27- Margaret Marshall, A. McConnell

1927-28- A. McConnell

1928-29- F.M. Westwood, Ella Humphrey

1929-30- W. Baty, E.M. Henders, W. Baty

1930-33- L.A. Hamilton, Jean Henderson taught while he was ill

1933-34— 4 Charles Morden

1934-38- Thomas McKay

1941-45- Mrs. E. Gemmill

1945-48- Mrs. Graf fin

1948-49- Phillip Herchak

1949-50- Mrs. Abrey, L.E. Schmidt

1950-52- Dona Johnson

1952-53- Dona Johnson, Beatrice Fulton, Agnes Single

1953-54- James Norrie

1954-55- Joan Finnbogason

1955-57- Mrs. Hlif Thompson

1957-59- Leila Duffin

1959-60— Helen Skrabek

1960-61- Mrs. Oliver

1961-62- Mrs. Meikle

During the 45 years the school was open there were approximately 238 pupils in attendance taking part or all of their education there. Listed by families:

Rhode- Olga and Leonard