pleasant song,Will nake,those historic hills even more famous. _.

That many peoble still listen to radio regularly Was brought out in a recent survey . Ap- parently 96%,of.North_Americans over tho-age of 12 listen to radio during the Weekendaver- age daily liStening of over three hours. Although night-radio programs are likely heard by vastly feWer‘peofile than their day7tine equivalents, I'm convinced that for_a'variety<xfrear sons the much smaller group is however also a more receptive and appreciative one; '

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ErrEft for a year in the reserve-army during the mid-1950s I was never in thendlitary.ln fact, even under Canadian Legion's recent.enlightened regulations regardinglnenhershipitfail to qualifyt However, I was very closely associated with reserve army units, ROTP, CQTC, and regular artillery units at Shilc for five.sunners as civilian driver and through "the years have “talked military" with-several hundred BoeréFirst and Second World~Korean—Vietnau war‘ veteransA "4 "-

rhegvihnations i get from-talking to men who'have_fought in war is that threefactorSthat’

figure strongest in making the hell cf killing human beings somehow bearable fromezsoldier‘sA

viewpoint'are: conviction that right's on his sideJ belief his fellow countrymensupporfihis»‘ INA the first two fecéf“

actions; cofiradeship with fellow soldiers. mhe current Vietnan war Where

tors are frequently Week or even_lacking strongly supports such hypothesis. '

_4 Minnedosan who joined Winnipeg Rifles during the Second World War transferring to RQE lateryas driver when his ago made leaving the infantry necessary is Wilfred L, Coutts, Hefls this.district‘s best known poet. To commemorate Manitoba's centennial,he recently published his first book——a collection of 70 seems composed durinthis lifetime, eight,of_then While stationed overseas during the war. He's given no permission to quote from_Prairie ‘Pioneer Poses for this article. ' ~ ~- _--. '“V ,_ "H" '“”“" “¥* CQutt's poems composed during that terrible war-«Memories of Benachie, The” finchy LoSt Thirteen, The Mission of a Soldier's Parcel, The JitteréBug_Girl; mhe Churchfinftheéfde of the Road, Connie Piper, How to Act in Case of Air Raids, The English Rose-Areflectladeefi13 sence,of humor and an outlook that's unusually cheerful-and optimistic. The.thr0e factors}r

mentioned also come through loud and clear in verses like: . , They4Were gathered in the barracks On a dark and rainy night Under cover of the blackout Light and life were out of sight. Singing western songs of homeland, Thinking of,their dear hone folks, _9thqrs kept the party happy Spinning.yarns and crashing jokes. Thus the greetings and good wishes. From the thoughtful Ones at hone;;g _ ~ tank the golden chain of friendship With all men.beneath the dome. " ' .And each parcel shared with comrades Like the old prdVerbial'DOvo Strengthens us to fight for freedom And fair Canada, We love. and: . . .. - In_the famed Canadian Army By her tough and urawny soldiers But the bravest hand of heroes . "Was Staff Thompson's group of Ac. Ac. These'boys Were‘the most cengenial ' Playing tricks on One another So you see good old Staff Thompson "When he landed in old England and} ' '- HThe Canadian noys‘ With a round at the pub by chanCe,

,Deeds of:yalor have been wrought When-they're put upon_the spot}_ That were ever knewn or seen

Known as lucky lost.thirteen§.

Lot that ever crossed the pond;

Was their,friendshipls greatest bond, Had somefworries in hisflbean

With the Lucky Lost Thirteen.

Were expressing their joys -In an old English town 3 .y "f" Then they wended their way to the dance.""

Of certain renown, "If youflre‘ineide a building when bopbs start their din -f . V . ' ‘f

' You‘run out on the street5’if you'reloutsideg run in.. ' ' “Oh it hatters'not where you might linger or dwellw;

ILJust‘bersure’yofi start running and-shouting as Well, ‘Mn . ;.. a. . .. ,

n , - . . ‘v . y - ‘w . .3 :fi.w

VHWe'tend-to forget that all canadians horn since 1927 (the under 45 group) are tooynung tp have fought in the Second World War. But none of us, despite what personalattitudestoyards [war we may have developed sroWing up during more recent contrOVerSial conflicts likedduigow ‘rean and Vietnam wars,.are too yOung not to respect our many fieIlOWSGanadians whodidfight, edie:er were crippled in past wars‘ The recent Legion mottowof»Ereeddm: Man~Made, _Not3god-

Given is most applicable to us all'regardless of age or‘philobophy of life. 106