I wish'to'eXpress sincere personal appreciation to the many people whose interest, on- . courasement and help made this book possible. I am indebted to my wife Elsie for secreta- ,rial work, and daughter Verna for the cover'layouto It would be virtually impossible to name every person'who has through comoperation in an interview, supplying information and ,;,suggesticns etc. become involved in*of this nature. Frequently the articles them- ;Cselvas make Such acknowledgments whereas in others such acknowledgments are' inherentfi in we material itself, a _“wi Many persons whose names are mentioned in these articles were not aware at the time of publication that these would eventually also be included in a book; for that matter, nei- _ ,ther was I until fairly recently, However, as none of the material involving individuals U" is slanderous in naturomain fact, usually quite complimentarym-I'vo taken the liberty of llreupublishing them in book form-without specifically‘askin@.each person'spermissionQWith filthe enception of the portion on my-childrenFs family tree, the articles have“ofcourseal— 'ready been published once in newspapers and magazines and individuals involved were usu- ally aware and consented to that original publishing, As regards persons who supplied fa—- nily tree information, this book took a vastly different form than formerly planned 'and ; described no some persons several years ago. , _ '7' - " Although according to Article 12 of Chapter C~30 (commonly called the.Copyright -Act), specific permission is not reduired from newspapers and magazines involved for an. author to reupublish his own articles in book form, I do however wish publicly toacknewledgeap- 'X,,preciation-to them.for friendly advice, co—operation, and publishing them in the firstin— stanée, Especially I wish to-express appreciation to and sincere respect for the{ Brandon

Sun; in my opinion one of the finest daily newspapers in_Canada. Others I wish alsoixaacw knowledge are: Western Producer, Winnipeg Tribune, Minnedosa Tribune, Midch t NeWs,Welsh

1 News, Focus.on.Western Manitoba, The Shepherds' Din. " '

1 Persons and institutions Who assisted much in compiling our family tree information in— elude: Agatha Franz, Helen Heide, the P.K, Neufelds, the John J. Fasts, George J. Fast, Henry Albreéht (secretary of Whitewater Mennonite Church), Barbara Janzon, all of Boissc—

vain, Man.; Mrs. CFC. (Tina) Neufeld of Killarney, Man.; Maria Klassen,_Katharina Peters, Revn Go Lohrenz, Hank Fast, all of Winnipeg, Man.; Lloyd Greenwood of McPherson, Kansas;

: Mrs. AnM. Lohrentz of Hesston, Kansas; James R. Davies of Riverside, California;ElSieand Justina Enns of Black Creek, Alberta; P.G. Peters of Morris, Man.; Gerhard Wiens of Nor- w “than,'OK1ahoma§ Mrs. E.J, Schmidt of Kitchener, Ont.; Margaret Sawatsky of Saskatoon,5ask.; “"Mdrgdrat Rainer of Kingsville, Ont,; Margaret Riediger.of.Vianand, Ont.;.G. Cornies of n"“ioanington, Onta; Mary Engbrechtrof'Chilliwack;=B;G.;ers.,P, Martynes of Ruddell ,Sask.; j“Petér‘n; Lohrcnz of.Buhler, Kansas; Mrs. Ben*Fast-of.Brandon, Man.; Margaret, Kroeker of _ihenhbhito Genealogy Inc. in Stoinbabh, Mano; Embassy of Switzerland, Ottawa: Manitoba Bu- ""' County of

reau_oi‘statisticsg.Katharion Enns of Gen, Alberta; Georgenyck of Boissevain; .J‘ cottonWOod, Minn”; Der Bots, Saskatoon; Peter Tkachuk of Minnedosa, Man. . .. n_““Despite having written hundreds’of letterS'andwspent-as many hours compilingzmndsorting J=da€ag‘the family tree section is far from complete; he Mennonites moved around alot, were "m'oftén‘viciously persecuted for.their beliefs,“livod-in mid European countries which have , 19dndergone major upheavals through wars and revolutions,ncountless records wore destroyed. :""Névertholoss,~onerinvaiuable book does list‘about"two—thirds of all Mennonitefaoilieswho 'bbigratod*to Russia from Prussia in the late 1700s'and first half of 1800s.Unfortunately, ‘"'hhhopipf*wivesuand children are frequently omitted.‘A‘very real problem is to iocate in— ‘q'Toruation”back far enough so this'book can be utilized. It would be nest sincerely appre- '"ciafied“if=anyone.roading the family tree section of this book who spots an error, or pos~ " ’s‘é‘s's‘cs additional informapion. would write me “at- Box 281., Minncdosa, Man. and this... will be ""'takén‘into»account and acknowledged in my next:beok. . I ' '


There are several persons and‘institutions who supplied me with invaiuablematorialfor “"some'articles who are not mentioned or not<sufficiently acknowledged in‘thearticlesthem— 1"‘selvosn They are: Prof. A.Ao Ariano of Brandon‘University; Henry Hildebrand_of‘Vancouver, ."'"BZC;}'h;Jn'Sawatzky.of,fiarstairs, Alberta; David=and.Katie Epp of Clearbrook, 350.; Mrs. (yfliM, Martens of Ghilliwack, Bap”; Maria Hildebrandinofostw.Catherines, Ontgj Canadian Paci- “fic Steamships Ltd, of Montreal;'Provincial-archives of Manitoba;.Public Archives of Can— '"'adaffludson%seBayQCompany pf Winnipeg; Department of National Defence; Infernation Canada; Glenbowuhlberta Institute of Calgary; CanadianrMennonite Bible collefie library for Winni— peg; University of Nanitoba library in Winnipeg; Dr. Walter Quiring of SaskatoonchMPHis-




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