in fact, all attended school and grew Up with lasting memories of. the area. These years were part of the "Depression" and all df us soon. found work of some kind to augment the family income. Most left for greener pastures and soon were to be feund in many districts and provinces of Western Canada. Marriage within the com- munity followed in some instances and has helped to keep our relations with the community quite alive over the years. , V

Eds - was born in Scotland in 1902. Attended lssac Brock school in West Winnipeg. He helped his Dad and Uncle in the shop in Treherne, married lda Russel, eventually settling in Killarney. He is now retired and lays claim to being one of Killarney‘s oidest citizens.

Margret, - was never at McConnell, uniess to visit. Born;~'m- Scatlant in 1901 attended school in Winnipeg, married a butcher in Treherne, finally settling in Rapid City where he ran a shop for many years.

David born 1903, formed with his Dad at Treherne for 4 yearsrfollowing the family to McConnell. Found work where ever he could for a few years, married Edna Pangman and soon struck out for Alberta where he became the proud father of two fine boys. He will be remembered by many people of the McConnell and Hamiota districts. ,

BM - born in Scotland in 1905. Operated a B.A. filling‘Station in McConnell for many years, delivered oil to the farmers and picked up their cream to take to Shoal Lake creamery twice weekly. Bob married a lady from the district, many will remember Annie Paterson.

Wilhelmina (Winnie) - born in Scotland in 1907, resided for a“short‘tim_e in McConnell, eventually finding work in Edmonton where she married Bill Bellerose.

Lottie - born 1909. Took most of her schooling in McConnell. She took second to Wesley Pollock in a school public speaking contest. Lottie succumbed to an attack of acute appendicitis in 1925 in the Hamiota hospital.

Ja_c_k - born 1911, the last of this family to be born in Scotiand. Took most of his schooling in McConnell. Spent two years at the Manitoba Agricultural College, from there

graduated as a Veterinarian from the Ontario Veterinary

College in 1938. Jack married Annie Olive Pollock of the district. She contributed greatly to his success as a