century they had implement dealerships in Austin, MacGregor and Bagot and sold insurance and real estate.

- As the population increased the need for a larger school became apparent, and in 1905 a two-room, two-storey brick structure was built on 29-11—11 on First Avenue in the southeast corner of town. The teachers in 1900 and 1901 were Neil Livingstone, Flora Wilson, Frank Belton and Grace Smale. The record books are missing from 1902-04 but the following were listed as teaching at Austin School for the remainder of the decade: Albert Smith, Olive Oswald, Albert Smith, Chester McClellan, Henry Everall, Frances Creighton, Laura Ronrig and Kate Ball. There were one hundred and thirteen pupils enrolled in 1908.

In 1907 the Austin Football Club held the Manitoba Championship. The team consisted of Jack Cuthbert, Harry Gale, Dr. Camsell, Gerry Prior, George Smith, Scotty White and Ed Wheeler.

- The new Argyle Hotel was erected on Second Ave. on the site of the present day Community Hall in 1908, Mrs. Speed was the owner.

- According to a writeup in Sidney’s newspaper "The Spectator", Austin’s July 1st celebration in 1909 included baseball, horse racing, men’s races, the one mile heat was three times around the track, children’s races and football. The last ball game was played between Arizona and Austin. When the train pulled into the station the pitcher and several other players left on the train, thus calling the game.

1900 Businesses and Services Argyle Hotel - Mrs. Speed

Austin Flour Mill

B.P. Hepp - Tailor

Bell Telephone Co. Line

Booth Bros. Machinery Agency

Beaver Street Austin 1909 looking north from the (United today) is on the left

present Community Centre. The steeple of the Baptist Church is on the right and the Presbyterian Church

Booth Bros. - Grain Warehouse

Canadian Elevator Company

Canadian Order of Foresters - Hall

Cockshutt & John Deere Implements H.E. Hamilton, F.W. Taylor

Dr. Camsell - Doctor

D. McFarlane - Blacksmith

Dominion Elevator Co.

Gale & Harding

Isabella Hughson - Seamstress & Tailor

Irving Bros Hardware Store / Elston’s Hardware Store

J. Heric - Clerk

J. Stinson - Merchant

J .H. Jarvis Minister

J. M. Dick Bookkeeper

L.C. Emes ~ Minister

Massey Harris Company

Rogers Bros. - Elevator

The People’s Elevator

The People’s Store

Thomson Cement Plant

Thompson’s Drug Store - H.E. Thompson - Druggist

W.D. Duncan - Hotel

W.H. Duncan - Saddler

W.D. Sloan - Agent

Wheeler & Duncan

William Knox - Merchant


- A map of 1910 shows the capacity of the Austin Flour Mill to be 750 barrels a day, with steam heat, electric lights, 200 feet of 22 inch hose and 6 double sets of rollers. A note below reads " Silent, July 1910". The mill ceased to operate in 1912 and was demolished in 1923. The People’s Elevator had a capacity of 40,000 bushels, Dominion Elevator Co., 28,000 bushels and Western Canada Flour Mills 30,000 bushels, for a total capacity of 98,000 bushels of grain. The population of Austin is noted on the