Emerging Communities of the Municipality

—Eveline Lagece ' When Ernest Comeau’s tractor ended up in the river in 1922 the mishap

provided excitement for the village and an opportunity for the men to exercise their muscles.

general stores. On more than one occasion humdrum living was livened up by incidents revolving around the road bridge.

Not only did some of the locals miss the bridge and end up in the river—so did the RCMP. In the winter of 1920 when the mounties raced through the village pursuing bootleggers from the American border who had turned off on provincial road No. 330 at Morris to evade the police, the RCMP car swerved, sailed through the railing and landed on its side'on the frozen river. An observer said, “Lucky there was a hockey rink that was made of standing ice blocks— when the front wheel hit the ice block it brought the car back on its four wheels and saved the mounties from getting hurt.”

Perhaps this quote from the parish history sums up La Salle in those early years: “French Canadians are deeply religious, they were taught to be satisfied with their lot in life, to find happiness in living not in material things. They believed in large families, and a healthy farm life. They were strongly knit and would all work together and in the belief in order and authority of the head of the family.