Anniversary on September 14. l975 with a full day of celebration. Pastor Krikau was back for the day.

The first Council consisted ol'the following: President

.__. H. Krikau; Vice President —— T. J. Clemens; Secretary- Treasurer— Mrs Val Sehcske; Elder—T J. Clemens; Trustees -—- Mr j. Johannessnn Mr. H.

Helguson; Benevolence Secretary ~—— Mr. Bill Felbel; Deacons -—- Mr. A. Scheske. Mr. Gus Zutz.

The first congregational meeting was held on January 11. 1950. The first organist was Mrs. Val Scheske. The first baptism wan Val(1<erntoph) Price. She was baptized in the United Church on January 1, 1950. The first wed— ding was July 14, 1951. it was Gus Lennstrom and Rita Ruchotzke‘s. The first confirmation was on August 24, 1951. Robert Mantik, Yvonne Mantik. Elison Baker. Ruth Baker. Richard Krieger. Edward Krieger. Lloyd Kiesman. Alice Kiesman. Mildred Kufus, Geraldine Kufus. and Helen Joyce Richter were ail confirmed. The first funeral was Mr. Louie Henkel‘s. He was buried in the Municipal Cemetery. The Lutheran Cemetery was donated by Henry Ruchotzke in March 1956. The church was dedicated on September 7. 1952. The First Ladies Group consisted of Mrs. Val Scheske who was President, Mrs. Anna Johannesson, Vice President. Mrs. Anna Kurbis Treasurer. Miss Emma Ruchotski (Geisier) Secretary. The first furnace was bought September 7, 1954. Before that we burned wood. Pastor Krikau donated two month‘s salary to pay for the furnace. Out growth as a congregation has come slowly. We always find young people must leave. Our faith has hetd for twenty-five years. let us thank God for the past twenty- live and look for a bright future.

The present Council consists of:

Chairman —- Ed Bittner, Paul Kopp. Bill Kerntoph. Harold Bittner. Baldur Jonsson, Ray Thorkelsson, Emma Ruchotski. June Price, Herb Price, Margaret Anderson. Dennis Scheske, Terry Ruchotzke, and Ella Koch _.. Envelope Secretary.

Lutheran Church Women Executive:

President —— Margaret Anderson, Emma Ruchotski, Joyce Kcrntoph. Pat Anderson, Olga Anderson. and Ella Koch.

Other pastors were: H. Keil -— 1954—1956; E. Rode —- 19521—1959; C. Knock —— 19604963; H. Epp —-—— 396+ 1966; A. ingibergsson 19684971; K. H. Reitze 1972-

An Anniversary Prayer by Falden Scheske At the forming of Grace Lutheran Lord. you lit an ember glowing 1n darkness of despair and fear Five and twenty years ago, Help as fun this glowing ember into fire burning brightly Making it a beacon beckoning Every soul in our Community.

Join this light with a million others. Overwhelm ali forever of evil. Make us see true wisdom «—

“We do not live by bread alone.“

To the Service of my Lord and Master I respectfully submit this story of my church. May it grow and reap a great harvest and be a part of the great heritage as are all the stories. in this book.

The Old Dutch Church. Picnic Ridge District.

Leisure Club Members. 19172.

The Ashern Leisure Club by Ethel Stolwyk

In the summer of 1971. Karen Jonsson and Karen Mangi invited a group of Senior Citizens to attend a meeting regarding the forming ofa club offering arts and crafts, recreation and various other activities. This was part of a student program set up by the Department of Recreation.

In September 1971 a group was formed and the name “Leisure Chili" was chosen. Any adult with free time is welcome to join, regardless of age. Dues were set at $1.00 per your.

Members take turns supplying lunch. There is a collection of 10¢ each to pay for coffee etc. Meetings are held every second Monday. in the Centennial Hall, which is given without charge.

Members take turns providing three items which are ruffled at each meeting. Tickets are 25¢ each. This way funds are on hand for any needed expenses.

Raffle tickets have been sold for the past two years in aid of the St. Amant Society for Retarded Children; building fund.