Adolf Kramp, our neighbor’s son, who was just three years old, had not returned home, his parents were frantic, as can well be imagined —- thankfully Addie was located, sound asleep, under some bushes, none the worse for the ordeal.

Then when Rudolf Trapp returned with his bride. Rudolf was our local livery man in the early days —- the young folk decorated the drny and met the newlyweds at the station, they drove them around the village ending up at the hall for a social evening and shower in honor of this couple.

I better get back to my story —— Murray and his family have passed away, just their son Ted left, who is married and living in Winnipeg. Tom and his wife Josie have both passed away, of their six children, only Myrtle, Mrs. Redford, Vi, Mrs. Bill Barnes, Agnes, Mrs. Cusiter and John, are left, Bill was killed in action overseas in 1943 and Clifford died. 1972. Charlie and his wife have passed away, of their children, only Frances, Mrs. Collinson, Gerald his wife and family, Aleda, married and living in Winnipeg and Jim married and living in Montreal. Annie, Mrs. Rogue, passed away in 1940, her daughter, Sheila, Mrs. R. Chater and husband, living in Winnipeg, Margaret, Mrs. P. J. McMillan and husband have both passed away. (See story of their family). Ed. married and had three children, he passed away in l970. Bill, married Cathie Foord, he passed away in 1969. Of the family, only Jim and myself - Olive are left, Jim has asked me to add a few words about he and his family; Jim returned from overseas in 1919, and was set up on a farm by the Soldiers Settlement Board scheme. He married Gertie Horgdal, they farmed, .lirn bought one of the first Titan tractors in the district and did some custom work -~ times were hard and money scarce Jim did road work for the municipality, they later moved to town, where Gertie opened their home to caring for sick people, as there was no hospital in the area. Later, Jim, Gertie and their son-in-law, Paul Sabourin operated the cafe in Ashern for a few years. Jim and Gertie moved to Winnipeg, where Jim worked for the Department of Public Works until he retired in 1970. Their children are; Frances, Mrs. Paul Sahourin, Pat, married, his wife and

M r. and Mrs. P. J. Parteortr.


two daughters live at Camp Borden, Ontario, Carl, married has two daughters and lives in Winnipeg.

I took a trip to Ireland in 1968 with my niece, Frances Sabourin, to meet and visit relatives there.

Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Portraits with "Britney .

"Granny" Parleatrs feeding liar flock.

Life in a Rural Municipal Office 1921-1971 by Olive Porteous

I started work in the Municipal Office as an assistant to Mr. Foord, who in 1921 had been appointed secretery-trensurer of the Municipality of. Siglunes, by council. Mr. Foord was also County Court Clerk and had me appointed Deputy Clerk, so that in his absence I could look after the court work as well as the municipal. The first municipal office was situated on Lot 7, Block 3 and was in use until 1930, then the office was moved to Lots 7 and 8, Block 4. This was a home purchased by council brought in to town and remodelled; council chamber and a front office on the main floor and a suite of rooms upstairs for renting out. This suite was always occupied, and the rent applied to the purchase price of the building. A great improvement for extra room to work in, but also every spring the basement filled with water, and as our heating system was a wood furnace, i had to keep my rubber boots handy to get to the furnace for fire making. Those were the good old days when the

writer got as high as the fire box. Then youjust gave up" ' "“

and worked with your coat on.