time of his death in 1955, at the age of 66. As a young man, he was involved with his brothers in their fishing and freighting operations on Lake Winnipeg.

Valdi designed and made horse-drawn plows for use on the lake. These received a patent and were commercially constructed and used by many freighting outfits around 1924-1930.

Valdi was an agent for the Portage la Prairie Mutual Fire insurance Company from approx— imately 1920 until the time of his death. He seru- ed in various capacities in many organizations: on the board of the Arborg Farmers’ Cooperative Store, North Star Cooperative Creamery, Geysir Lutheran Church, Geysir School Board, and Board of Betel Home in Gimli. He served for some years as a Justice of the Peace and he was a councillor for the Municipality of Bifrost.

Maria lngibjiirg was born on June 2, ’1902 at Gilsa, a daughter of Olafur and Sélrt’in Amason {Anderson}. lmba learned various handicrafts from her mother and took music lessons from Jon Friofinnsson and Bjéirg Hermannson (lsfeld). At that time, music teachers travelled to the homes of their students.

lmba married Valdi Sigvaldason in 1923. In ad- dition to maintaining her home adequately, pro- viding her family with home-spun socks and mitts, she still found time to entertain her children in the evening with tunes that she played for them on the organ.

Imba had a very demanding household which included her seven children, her nephew Helgi Lawrence, Valdi’s two brothers Jon and Bjarni, her mother-in-law Margret, Margrét’s great nephew Kalli and hired men. lmba was an active member of the Geysir Ladies’ Aid “Freyja” for many years. She now resides in the Betei Home in Gimli.

i .

Back row, L-R: Wesley and Bradley. lngi, Gerald, Morley. Mae and Corrina.

lmha and Valdi’s children were:

a) Séln’in Olavia - See Sigursteinn David Eyolfson Family

b) Marine Sigvaldi - was born in 1924 and died in 1925 '

c) Ingimar attended high school in Arborg and graduated from the Diploma Course in Agriculture at the University of Manitoba. After Valdi’s death, ingimar took over the agency for the Portage Mutual insurance Co. He is also an agent for Autopac, with his office in Arborg. He also con— tinues farming. lngimar is married to Mae Magn usson of Riverton. They built their first home at Framnesi and later built a new home on NW. 15-22—312. Mae was a member of the Geysir Ladies’ Aid for several years. Mae and ingi are avid curlers, as are all their sons. it is not unusual to see one Sigvaldason vying against another Sigvaldason for first place in a curling bonspiel. Mae and Ingimar have five children:

i) Wesley lngimar studied the accordion for a number of years. He is married to Debbie Zolub. They have two children, Ian and Dustin. Wesley worked at the Arborg Credit Union and now runs an upholstery business in Arborg.

ii) Bradley Valdimar has worked on construc- tion. He is currently employed and resides in Winnipeg.

iii) Morley Oscar is employed with his father in Autopac and the insurance business.

iv) Gerald Arnold is studying computer opera- tions and TV. repair at Red River Community College.

v) Corrina Mae is attending Arborg Collegiate.

d) Margaret Sigurrés completed Grade ’11 at Geysir and then taught on permit at the Island School for one year. She then completed Grade 12 and Normal School, and returned to Geysir School, where she taught her younger brothers and sisters. She married Magnus Danielson of Hnausa, Manitoba. They reside in Calgary and have five children:

i) Valerie Jo married Barry Black.

ii) Ingrid Rose Marie married Dennis Ponto. They have one daughter, Amanda Margaret.

iii) David resides in Calgary.

iv) Karen and u) Jonina are both at home.

e) borbjorg Emily received her education at Geysir, Arborg and United College. Emily graduated as a nurse from the Winnipeg General Hospital School of Nursing. She is employed as head nurse at Mount St. Mary Geriatric Hospital in Victoria, BC. Emily married Bob Campbell of Drumheller, Alberta. They reside in Victoria, BC. and have five children:

i) Warren resides in Victoria, B.C.

ii) Brent resides in Thompson, Manitoba.