John farmed and fished with his brothers and operated a steam engine. He definitely preferred mechanical work over working with animals.

John was keenly interested in trapping and pro— specting. At the time of his death, he still had a share in the Bissett mining, area. He always kept up with current events and had strong political views. He also followed the stock market daily. He enjoyed curling during his later years.

John never married and, after retirement, resid- ed at the Sunrise Lodge in Arborg for a time. Then he went to the Betel Home at Gimli, where he died on February 18, 1979.


Johann Petur was born July 3, 1868. the son of Saamundur Jonsson, Sénssonar, farmer at Grjoti in bverérhlio, Mvrasvslu,’ Iceland and Guorfin donsdétfir, daughter of Jon Arason and Guorfin Asmundsdotiir from Mioengi in Akranes.

Johann was a farmer and fisherman in Iceland. He emigrated from Hamraendum in Stafholtstungum to America in 1899 and settled first in Cavalier, North Dakota. He moved to Geysir, Manitoba in 1901 and homesteaded SW 31-22—35

In 1907 Johann married Fora Guhmundsdét- tir, born September 12, 1864, daughter of Guéi mundur Arngrimsson, farmer at Galtastooum in Hréarstunga and Sigriéur Eyjélfsdéitir, borvaréar— sonar from Grimsstooum, Medallandi.

Johann was a diligent worker and a good farmer and became one of the most prosperous farmers in the district. He was one of the first to build a large house on a concrete foundation.

Johann was a staunch supporter of the Arborg Unitarian Church and was the treasurer of their church council for many years. He was also a

Johann Simundson. I I para Simon.

Margret and Gunnar Simundson.

strong supporter of the Co-op movement and one of the founders of the Arborg Co-op Creamery.

Johann and hora were best known for their kindness and hospitality to their neighbors. hora was one of those compassionate women who ex~ tended a helping hand to those in need.

Pora passed away September 21, 1935 and Johann continued to farm until 1941 when he moved to Gimli and built himself a small house there. He continued to keep active by doing odd jobs for neighbors. Johann sold his house in Gimli to Larus Nordal and his daughter, Anna, who look- ed after him in their home for several years. In 1962, when she could no longer look after him, he went back to the old home where he was cared for and nursed by Margaret, Gunner and the family until his death at the age of 101 years in 1969.

Johann and hire had two children and a fosterdaughter.

1. Gunnar was born in Geysir on July 28, 1908. He had very little formal schooling but is a well educated man having obtained his knowledge by reading and observing.

He is extremely well informed and has good knowledge of the Icelandic Sagas and poetry, Stephan G. Stephanson and Guttormur J. Gut- tormson being his favorite poets. He has a tremen— dous memory and can also quote many of the best known poets in Iceland and poems by Western lcelanders. He has composed poetry himself but none of it has been published or even written down.