children, Damon and Hilary Rose.

iii) Launcelot .an resides in Vancouver, B.C.

iv) Isabel Brenda died in 1946.

v) Curt Nichols, now known as Bruce LaVerne, resides in Vancouver, BC.

cl Albert Magnfis married Kristiana Sigvaldason. They reside in White Rock, BE. and have two children:

i) Lynne Laura Rannveig married Jean M. Taillefer. They reside in Winnipeg and have one son, Stephane Edouard Joseph.

ii) Larry Albert Bjorn resides in Montreal, Quebec.

d) Sigurrés Laufey married August Jacobson. He is a commercial fisherman. They reside in Gimli, Manitoba and have three children: Gordon August, Margaret Rannveig in Edmonton, Alber— ta, and Patricia Ann.

e) Asia Sigrihur married James Stacey. They reside in Calgary, Alberta and have two children:

i) Sydney Robert resides in Saskatoon, Sash.

ii) Holly Eleanor married William Morrison. They reside in Sault Ste Marie, Michigan.

t) Gunnstein Halldér is a mink rancher in Hnausa, Manitoba.

9,) Johannes Lawrence married Valgerour Anderson. They reside in Hnausa, Manitoba and have five children.

i) Beverly Joanne resides in Hnausa and has two daughters, Heather Valerie and Loralee Maureen.

ii) Morley Sveinbjorn married Shirley Kay. They reside in Winnipeg, Manitoba and have two daughters, Tamara Lynn and Kimberley Ann.

iii) Lawrence Boyd resides at Hnausa, Man.

iv} Warren Stuart married Glynis Bonkowski. They reside in Gillam, Man. and have two daughters, Melodie Bridget and Marcia Laine.

v} Robert Wayne is still at home.

h) Valgeréur Jonina married Kenneth Foss. They reside in Winnipeg, Manitoba and have four children:

i) Wanda Roslyn Brenda married Duncan Nothstein. They reside in Winnipeg and have two children, Adam Roland Cyrus and Alexis Deena.

ii} Cheryl Enid married Robert Stephen. They reside in Winnipeg and have two children, Amanda Leigh Janina and Matthew James Jim.

iii) Julie Barbara and Gerald Frederick Kenneth are still at home.

i) Helga Magnt’is‘ina married Douglas Cracker. They reside in Winnipeg, Manitoba and have two sons, Alan and Grant. Helga remarried Gary Ishtster. They have one son, Gary Michael lshister, and reside in Winnipeg.

5. Kristian was born on April 29, 1897 and died in 1970. He worked at home and as a fisherman


until he joined the Armed Forces in 1918. He bought the home farm in 1930, built a small home, and resided there until his death.

6. Guhlaug (Lauga) was born on April 3, 1900 at Geysir. She married Hirmann Snifeld of Hnausa, Manitoba. They first settled in the Finns district on section 6, township 22, range 41-: and called their farm “Koti”. Hirmann was also a fishen man and, when he was away. Lauga looked after the livestock. She spun and knit all the mitts and socks for the family and also sold some to the store in exchange for groceries. She was caretaker for the Finns school no. 2225 for many years. Lauga and Hirmann retired from farming in 1972 and their son, Jén, bought the farm. In 1974, they left the farm to reside at the Sunrise Lodge in Arborg, Man. They had eight children:

a) Sigurbjorg, widow of Peter Lupky, a farmer at Ledwyn, Man. He died August 21, 1975. Peter and Sigurbjtirg had one son, Steven James, who resides with his mother on the farm in Ledwyn.

1)) Emily Sigrihur married Louis Stefan Gislason of the Framnes district, where they reside. He retired from farming in 1974. They have two daughters.

i) Sharon Viola married Gerald Maryniuk. They reside in Winnipeg and have one son, Michaei Paul, and a daughter Amanda Maureen..

ii) Shirley Dawn maried Lorne Gislason of Geysir, Man. He is with the Winnipeg City Police. They reside in Winnipeg and have two sons, Joseph Stephan and Stuart Lorne.

c) Sigurrés married William Henry Johnston of the Framnes district, where they reside and farm. They have three children:

i) Gail Patricia married George Batenchuk, a farmer of the Vihir district. They have two children, Tracy Gail and George William.

ii) Janet Rosalyn married Dennis Wood from Roland, Manitoba. They reside in Riverton, and have one son, Jeffery Keith.

iii) Gary William is at home and is employed by the North Star Cheese Plant at Arbor-g, Man.

d) Kt‘istjén is a fisherman married to Eva Mason. They reside in Riverton, Man. and have six children: Kristian William, Brian Sigurour, Dolores Elaine, Norma Jean, Wayne Bruce (died in infancy) and Rosemarie.

e) Albert was born on March 16, 1931 and died on January 10, 1971. He was a commercial fisher~ man and lived with his wife lsaloel Stefanson Scott. She died on June 8, 1974 and was survived by one daughter, Patricia Ann, who lives with Mr. and Mrs. Dick Lea (an aunt} at Pine Dock, Manitoba.

f) Beatrice Eleanor married Norman Douglas Johnston. They operate a grain and dairy farm in Framnes district and have four children: