Our sincere thanks toβ€”

The National Museum of Man in Ottawa for financial assistance towards research of the Geysir History.

The Department of Cultural Affairs, and Historical Resources of Manitoba for their assistance.

The members of our committee who gave financial assistance.

The Past-President of our committee, Gunner Simundsonl who had written several articles before his illness.

Palmi Palsson -β€”β€” for his assistance in writing several family histories.

Nelson Gerrard for his assiatance in writing family histories.

Helga Jacobson for her accounts of families and events.

The surviving pioneers and families who supplied information and pictures,

Kristine Perlmutter for final typing and her help in assembling the material.

Bruce Bauernhuber for designing our Dedication Page.

To all those who in one way or another have assisted the commit tee in this project.