Front: Gladys and Johnny Chud Back: Calvin, Cheryl, Blair.

Mike and Pearl had four children:

1. Doris married Jack McDonald, manager of Marconi Co., Winnipeg. They have four children:

21) Sharon married Richard Marousek. They live in Tusin, California and have one daughter, Amanda.

b) Pameia married Gordon Grudgefield. They live in Calgary, Alberta. Their two son. (c) Grant and (d) Scott, are going to school and still live at home.

2. Gladys married Johnny Chudd, a dairy and grain farmer in Gimii. They have three children:

a) Cheryl graduated from University of Manitoba as a teacher in 1978. She married Ross


Bailey and they live in Bigger, Sash. with one son, Neil John.

b) Calvin graduated as a diesel mechanic and is working for Guertin Bros. construction company in St. Vital. He married Colleen Dey.

(2) Blair lives in Gimli.

3. Blanche married James Condon, who works for Hydro. They live in Anaheim, California and have three sons (Curtis, Tim and Sean) all still at home.

4. Magnus married Doreen Farrell from River— ton. He worked for Manitoba Hydro and then moved to Garden Grove, California and they liv- ed there for ten years. They now reside in Kamloops, BC. He works for Hydro. They have two children, Alana and Lee, both at home.

Pearl was an active member of the Ladies‘ Aid, “Freyja”, for a number of years while they lived in the Geysir community. Mike and Pearl took an active part in all community affairs.

Mike fished for a few years and then turned to farming. He farmed until they moved to Winnipeg in 1953, as the farm did not supply sufficient in» come for the family.

Magnus worked for Air Canada as a groomer and then as a caretaker at the Air Force Base until his retirement.

Pearl worked for nine years at the Air Force Base and then for almost eight years at Sears as a clerk.

Mike and Pearl have now both retired and live in Winnipeg.