the wives of the players who protested their husbands involvement in the holding penalties! The present Old Timer team includes: C. Smith —- goal, P. McElroy, E. Kotyluk, L. Lilly, M. Stefaniuk, C. Christie, L. Lafontaine, R. Manzulk, D. MacDougall, K. Kelly, C. Kennedy, E. Fedak, and a line that has played together for many years, K. Walden, A. Peters, Bill Weldon, and Walter Scott who plays and manages at age seventy-two (a remarkable record).

During the winter of 19??-?8, a girls’ ringette team was formed with the purpose of representing the area in the Manitoba Winter Games in Dauphin. The team consists of K. Martens goal, K. Peters, S. Knapp, J . Weldon, K. Belcher, Janice Walden, D. Witter, D. Cameron, S. Sparrow, D. Dowhan with Bob Christie as coach. The team lost a close game to Brandon in Carben'y where the regional games were held. Un- * ' ' daunted they defeated the same Brandon team during Rapid City, skating rink 1950.

Rapid pity Pee«Wee hockey team 19% Back row left to right, Don lronslde, Craig Pearson, Glen Bell, Bob Christie, A'lex Northern. Kevin Esplln. Front row, Darcy Stanlck, Brian Simpson, Max Bell, Ted Barley, Jerry. Kollesavitch, Steve Garbufl. Paul Dick Standing in rear coach Laurence Bell.