municipality of Saskatchewan and has served as coon»

cillor for Ward 1 up to the present time (1977) and was appointed Deputy Reeve in 1977.

It has been an honor and pleasure to serve the rate- payers of ward 1 over the past years and most gratify- ing to see the improvements that have been made in the municipality.

Also as a past-president of the Rapid City and dis trict Chamber of Commerce and past secretary and president of the Rapid City Legion Branch No. 49, I have enjoyed my terms of office.


Duncan Oliver was born July 19, 1919, in Brandon, the eldest son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Duncan McLean. I have two brothers and one sister; George and Albert, Rapid City and Bernice (Mrs. Harvey Ber— tram) Brandon. Brother Harold lost his life in W.W.11. I began schooling at little Souris school until 1930 when we moved to Rapid City area and attended Mount Ver— non School in the St. George’s district,

In 1936 we formed a small orchestra called the “Swing Four” with brothers Harold accordian and George violin, Jack Stewart violin and I played guitar. We entertained until 1940 when I joined the Armed Forces for WW. II. I served with the army in Holland and Germany, where I received a mention in Dispatch for distinguished service. lretumed home in 1946 and was employed by the Manitoba Hydro as a linesman on construction. In 1948 brother George and I purchased the farm. known as the Clarence George form from Alf McFarlin. We each had 240 acres but have added more acreage since. Around 1950 we formed the McLean Orchestra with Maude Candy pianist, Ned Northcott banjo, George violin and myself guitar. Over the years we have had the assistance of Mrs. Allan Stewart, Howard Trott and the Northcott sisters at the piano. We entertained at dances and concerts all around the area for many miles but now limit it to the Rapid City Area.

in 1956 I married Margaret Mabel Draper, eldest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. J .G. Draper, Eight. She had three brothers and one sister; Harold, Robert, William and Jessie (Mrs. Reg Rogers). She completed her education to grade 12 at Eight. My wife and I are very active in the district and both belong to the United Church. Margaret has been leader of Unit Two of the U.C.W. for several years and Past Noble Grand in Deborah Rebekah Lodge No. 9.

I sing in the choir, am on the Church Board and on the Wider Parish Council. I received my thirty year pin in the Royal Canadian Legion. I am past Noble Grand of l.0.0.F. Lodge No. 18 and a member of Deborah Rebekah Lodge.

We reside on our farm SE to, 18-13-19 in the Sash. Municipality about 21.12 miles south of town on which I built all the buildings.


D.G. as he was known to his customers was born in Listowel, Ontario in 1882 coming with his father to Franklin, Manitoba. They worked on a farm and later


homesteaded north of Cianwilliam, they being a fami- ly of thirteen.

Anna Dagmar Skullerud was born in Norway in 1876. In Norway she and her sister were partners in a store. Anna read of wealth and opportunity awaiting all who came to Canada, so along with her girlfriend Alma (who later became Mrs. Alma Hanson) came to seek their fortune, arriving at Tanners Crossing, Minnedosa in 1905. Her only fortune was the same lot as befall many young ladies of the time, fortunate to find employment in a farm home. A year later she married Dwight Garnet McMillan.

DG. learned the butchering trade and butchered in Clanwilliam, moving to Brandon in 1924, then to Rapid City in 192?. His first business was purchased from Joe Hare, which was on the site of the present Town Gf‘ lice. Mr. McMillan originally moved this building to Rapid City from Clanwilliam. They left Rapid City for Brandon around 1940 and moved to Vancouver in the 40’s. They then moved to Kinnaird, 13.0. in 195?. Anna died on June 21, 1964 and Dwight passed away at Langley, BC. in 1W4. They had {our children; Garnet who lives at Castlegar, B,C., Esther (Mrs. E. Holford) lives in Los Angeles, California, Theresa (Mrs. T.C. Oddie) lives in Aldergrove, B.C., and Pearl (Mrs. J.Flanigan) lives in Rapid City.


David McNaught was born in 1840 at Penpont, Dum- friesshire, Scotland, the son of John and Mary {Kirkpatrick} McNaught. They came to Canada in 1844, after a month's trip on a sailing ship and then settled in Dntario.

David McNaught was apprenticed to a blacksmith and after learning his trade, went into business for himself and owned the “Seaforth Carriage Works." He married Rebecca Ross. daughter of ”Ross, the Weaver”, in 1864 at Fergus, Ontario. Taking his family and wordly goods, be moved, by excart, to Rapid City, Manitoba in 1881. They had {our sons and three daughters. Here he bought a farm and raised purebred livestock, ran a livery stable and managed one of the most successful stage coach lines in the country. For six years he and his sons made the daily trip to Bran- don (22 miles) and were late only four times.

While shoeing a horse, he was crushed against the wall and was advised to give up the blacksmith business.

Recognizing the need for a veterinarian, he left his family in Manitoba and attended Veterinarian College in Toronto, graduating as a veterinary surgeon, He served a Wide territory . . Binscarth being included. He was a practicing veterinarian when an outbreak of gianders struck horses in Manitoba. it went to his horse-lover’s heart to have to order so many to be shot, as the disease is incurable and communicable.

About 1900 he retired from this profession (he was succeeded by Dr. Young) and went into the lumber business in Rapid City.

David McNaught was elected to the Manitoba Legislaturewas Liberal Member representative of the Municipality of Marquette. (At the same time, his brother W.K.McNaught-represented North Toronto as a conservative member of the Ontario Legislature}