This history book began to take shape about three years ago and due to the hard work of dozens of people it has become a reality.

Our sincere thanks to Metta and Joseph Johnson whose enthusiasm and faith got the project under- way. They endured the clutter of reams of man— uscripts as their home became the headquarters for the book committee. Our appreciation also to Tessa Forsyth, the president and Margaret Eriendson, the

treasurer, for their fine work with the Eddystone Historical Society. Thanks as well to the dozens of volunteers who addressed brochures, proof-read manuscripts, labelled and captioned pictures, and those who volunteered their typing skills. Our appre—

ciation to the individuals and organizations who sup- ported us financially, and to Luella Finney who designed the book cover.

A very special thank-you to everyone who sup— ported the book by submitting their family histories and photographs. ,

We would like to acknowledge and express our thanks to the following sources: _

The Provincial Archives, ng., The Hudson’s Bay Archives, ng. , The Lands Mapping Division, ng. , Crown Lands Branch, ng. , Thelma Hince,

Roy Sitko, Blandine Weaver, Barrie, Ontario, Geoff .' I

Burtonshaw, Calgary, Alberta, Manitoba Teacher’s Society.