Instruction in the schools is absolutely essential because the

school is the first numery of Christianity. Sommerfelder Schulregeln

{strom the first years of West Reserve settlement, the school ~~~ss regarded as an integral part of the church community. _.;_,‘.he education of children was the responsibility of the :2 jjmily and of the church, and not of the state. Even after e Reinland school was no longer under church jurisdic- Jn, a strong identification of the school with the village immunity continued to exist, Strong resistance developed every point where the school—community in- fgigfrrelationship was challenged. In 1976 when most smaller "'~':‘§n1n1unity schools in the province had disapfaeared, some ilage schools, including that of Reinland, were still ex- :ing and testifying to the strength of these communities.


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