Brokenhead Today!

During the more recent years, Council has continued to strive to maintain the high standard of service the ratepayers have been accustomed to. In years of heavy snowfall and a quick thaw when several people experienced severe flooding, Council has developed a program where the large caterpillar tractors are fitted with snow'plows and driven down the bottom of the large drains, thus greatly reducing the possibility of flooding in many areas. Since the implementation of this service the miles of ditches opened in this fashion each spring has more than tripled due to its success in reducing the backup of spring runoff. Council has also purchased a Mack truck tractor and a belly clump semi-trailer for gravelling municipal roads. Also purchased was a Volvo 1240 Wheel loader to improve gravel loading capabilities and speed up gravel hauling. The rock crusher purchased in the 60’s was sold and gravel crushing is now done by private contractors. A member of Council has been elected as a director of the Union of Manitoba Municipalities representing the Eastern District. Reeve Baker was elected as Eastern Zone Director in 1980. This District encompasses 24 municipalities and five local government districts. It is the largest district in the Province.

The Union of Manitoba Municipalities is an organization made up of all the rural municipalities in Manitoba, which, as an organization, makes recommendations to the Provincial Government for changes and improvements to the Acts of Legislature. Also a part .of the Union is the Municipal Trading Company which has collective purchasing power and therefore offers member municipalities savings on various municipal re— quirements.

One of the key results of the spirit of co— operation established between the R.M. of Brokenhead and the Town of Beausejour as well as the Village of Carson has been the decision to share equally the costs of operating and the equal-partner ownership of the local Beausejour—Brokenhead Fire Department and Ambulance Services. In 1981 an agreement was struck between the Town of Beausejour and the RM. ofBrokenhead to vest fifty percent share ownership of all the assets of the Fire Department which was the property of the Town of Beausejour, to each Municipality. In return, the RM. of Brokenhead divested itself of fifty percent ownership in favour of the Town of Beausejour of the waste diSposal grounds consisting of some 80 acres wholly in the RM. of Brokenhead. Immediately following this trade—off agreement, the two Municipal bodies consented to extend the

existing fire hall building on Park Avenue in order to accommodate the extended activities of the local Fire Department. This was made necessary in part because of the formation of the ’Mutuai Aid’ District, in which fire. departments in the Eastern Region share information and responsibilities in fire-fighting and emergency—measures activities.

The Council has for a number of years been a member of the Manitoba Good Road Association with Reeve Baker becoming 2nd Vice President of this organization during 1981. An annual event of this organization is the Home Grounds Awards program whereby each municipality nominates a particular yard site which council feels is worthy of recognition.

Over the past years the following were Provincial District Winners in that category;

Alex and Esther Rattai

Mark Hewko

Morris and Lena Hnatiuk

Harry and Helen Lysak

Arvid and Elta Larson

Eric and Stefanie Fuerst

The Rural Municipality of Brokenhead has also won awards for services such as Best Kept Roads, Most Improvement in Municipal Roads and Highest Standard of Mile of Road Built.

The Municipality has in excess of 560 miles of road and road allowances within its jurisdiction.

For several years, the Council has been repairing and replacing many of the bridges constructed in the Municipality in the early years. During 1980 an engineering firm was contracted to prepare a bridge study report on all bridges within its jurisdiction. The study has proven to be invaluable in the decision to replace or repair the bridge crossings. A drive through the municipality reveals the number of replacements already com- pleted with several very large culverts being used as bridge replacements.

In 1980, to commemorate the appointment of Edward Schreyer as Governor-General of Canada, the Council designed an emblem to portray the Municipality. Symbolic of the area, the emblem depicts the origin of the name "Brokenhead” by the broken head of the River and the attributes of the area, focusing on agriculture and recreation.

The Offices of the Brokenhead River Planning District were moved to the Brokenhead Municipal Office in 1979 because the Secretary-Treasurer of the Municipality, Wayne Omichinski, also serves as the Development Officer of the Brokenhead River Planning District. With the extra work load involved, Debbie Hlady was hired onto the staff