: After reorganization. the Steinbach Jaycees received their charter on Jenuary 18, L 1968. National president Art Turner made the presentation. Left to right: Ernie Friesen.

”vice—president; Art Turner: Bob Hink. Steinbach president and Dave Doilis, sponsor.

Steinbach post office established August 1, 1884

The first post office’in Steinhach was estab- lished in the N. W. Va of Section 35, Township .6, East on August 1, 1884.

The postmasters who have been in office since that day are: A. S. Friesen appointed Aug. 1, 1884; Peter A. Guenther appointed 1908;

".Peter H. Wiebe appointed July 20, 1.917; Cornelius F. Barkman appointed May 11, 1920; Neil Friesen appointed April, 1955.

Beginning Aug. 1, 1884 mail was hauled to Steinbach from St. Pierre by horse and wagon. The first contractor was Elie Vinette. On Oct. .1, 1891, Steinhach began receiving its mail from . te. Anne.

After the buiiding of the Canadian National Railway from Fort Frances. Ontario to Win- iipeg, a service was established via Giroux railway station Oct. 1. 1900. This route remained inchanged for nearly 40 years until a direct motor vehicle mail service with Winnipeg,

over the Ste. Anne’s Road via Grande Points and He dcs Chenes was inaugurated on Aug. 1, 1939. This service was later changed to pass over the Dawson Road via Loretta and Ste. Anne des Chenes on Nov. 1. 1951.

C. F. Barkman

Providing the longest service as postmaster in Steinbach was the late C. F. Barkman who retired from his position on April 1. 1955 after 35 years continuous service. (Mr. Barkman pas sed away May 10. 1970).

Mr. Barkman was first appointed as post. master in April, 1920. The appointment was a simple matter in comparison with all the red tape required for acceptance to a civic office nowadays. A petition requesting that he be installed as new postmaster was signed by sev-