gardens are unique, blending colorful annuals with dependable perennials, shrubs and large shade trees that complement the architectural details of the homes, built at a time when mouldings, frames and even window boxes were custom built. There are tiny yards that have been transformed into scented retreats, meditation gardens and public spaces that invite strangers to become neighbors. ~ Ella Wartime/7

Throughout Wolseley, West Broadway and Armstrong’s Point are gardens of every size and type community, pubiic and private. in West Broadway are Mostyn Park, adopted by community groups, the Spence Riverside Path and wildflower garden behind Rivewiew Mansionsdeveloped by the Urban Green Team and the city’s Urban Naturalist Program. and the carefully-landscaped grounds of Great West Life. The University Women’s Club seeks to restore a heritage garden at the Ralph Connor House, and homeowners on Armstrong’s Point have developed imaginative and creative gardens. The Woiseley Garden Society has adopted Nellie McClung Park opposite Laura Secord School. Urban Green Teams keep the grounds of Robert A. Steen blooming. Some of our gardeners have stories to tell.

tommunity Gardens by Ariana Daley

Living on Dundum Place, a stay-at—home mother of a young child, l often felt isolated. My brother Dan, introduced me to Tennis Whitford, who introduced‘me to Earth Corps, a grass roots organization promoting environmental awareness and community-building projects. One of their initiatives was a community gardening project. They approached the owners of several vacant, decrepit lots in the area for permission to develop them as gardens. Most of the lots were on old foundations of buildings and houses, long since torn down. Cement, rebar, tight standards, rock and rubble had to he harried away before gardening could begin. Area residents interested in growing their own produce and flowers to beautify the area came to Earth Corps and to the garden sites to begin the backbreaking work of digging up the soiidly packed, backiilled ground. With the assistance of provincial programs and then city councillor, Gien Murray. Earth Corps obtained the resources to transform garbage strewn, community eyesores into productive garden spaces.



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A sister tree to the Wolseley Elm survives at i 1 75 Wolseley Avenue.

Other heritage trees:

Green Ash 268 Aubrey

The Westgate Elm —~ 1 50 Westgate One of the original plantings around Bannatyne‘s Castle