COLONY CREEK -— Shea’s Brewery, 1386

Photo: PAM Logo: c. 1912 From a bottle owned by Derek 3. Hampton


Founded by Patrick McDonagh and John Shea and located on Colony Creek, this brewery

wWMCH‘ESIrQ supplied beer to thirsty Winnipeggers for many years. From its initial production of 25 gallons 3 day, the business expanded and modernized over the years. In the 19305 their refrigeration plant made ice for the WInnipeg Stadium next door. The brewery was sold to Labatts in the 19505, later dosed in the 19705 when the property was sold to Great West Life.

W NNtPEG M m Colony Creek marked the edge of the settlement In the 1880s and travellers stopped at the Bay Horse Hotel (United Army Surplus location) for a last drink before heading west.

Blackwood's Brewery on Colony Street also drew water from the creek.

Houses at Colony Creek owned by Ella Lewis, Dora Williams, Mrs. Fitch, Mrs. Lyons, Mrs. Glenmore, May Johnston and Eunice Monk (1880 Henderson Directory) provided other kinds of entertéinment for the growing city*s young single men —~ and some others. Police Chief l. S. lngram was forced to resign after being caught (in an embarrassing situation!) in Ella Lewis' house. The scandal, and the building of Manitoba College nearby, led to the relocation of the Colony Creek madams to Thomas (now Mlnto) Street in 1883.

The creek waSI filled In using earth excavated from the construction of Eaton’ 5 store but local residents still hear the water rushing through storm sewers in spring. The Creek IS gone but not forgotten.