Little waste, custom~cutting to watomer’s taste

Klaus Geaarg, vice- -presit§ant and Interfake plant manager feels plant. would use up :o 2!) employees if sales outside the lnterloke region continue to mount. Plan: can handle sheep ciao and moose as wall as cattle and hogs

The newly-Goened custom killing plant at St. Laurent on the Lake Manitoba shore of the Province's Interlake Region will provide a convenient service in slaughter ing and meat cutting to Interiake area farmers and be- yond. Not only will the customer be able to have pro- fessional service on the best types of cut, but he will have the advantage of a specialist in delicatessen- styla meats, so that food waste is at a minimum.

The meat plant will not only do the initial slaugh- toting but will cool, out, wrap, and freeze in “freezer lots“. It will also cure and smoke In fact. according to manager Klaus Geoerg, who received his early training in Germany, anyone who wishes to buy an animal from a district farmer, for example, can have the same service. Mr. Geoerg. who came to Canada in 1956, worked at Swift Canadian in Winnipeg where he was a head beef homer and special cutter. He prom— ises, moreover. to make the finest “Schinkenspeck”

‘—~ a pork delicacy - in the lnterlake.

The Interiake Custom Killing Plant Ltd.. to give it its proper name, is designed to process either five cattle per hour or 12 hogs. The most modern and latest of several such looaily—operatad processing plants in rural Manitoba outside of Winnipeg, Interlake em— ploys some half-dozen people‘ including a manager, a butcher and meat cutter, who will have an assistant to help him and aid 1:: wrapping orders, a second most cutter. and a combined secretary-bookkeeper-recap- tianist ~' Two days a week re set aside for slaughtering and cooling, and the remainder for cutting, wrapping, and smoking of meat.

Interlalce emphasizes that its services are open to anyone. near or fart who wishes to take advantage of its customized services. A typical current list of set- vica charges runs as follows:

BeefKilling ..... $5709 Overfiflfllbs ...... 399 Cutting ................. . . . . . i .. (1.04 per lb. Wrapping 8: Freezing. l . l . . . . . . . .. {1.04 per ll). Beef Hamburger. . . .. ..... . . . . . . .. 0.13 per lb. Pork Killing ..... l. ........ r. ..... . ...... $6.08 Over 200 lbs. 1?.00 Cutting..........‘...... ..... .....0.04perlb. Wrapping 8: Freezing. . . . . . . . ........ 0.04 per 1b Smoked Maat........... {1.15 perlb

. Interlaka’ 3 Board of Directors, all local people from St Laurent, is made up of Mr Emmanuel Schon, presi— dent; Mr. Klaus Gauerg, vice— presiéent; Mr Frank Gratton secretary-treasurer; and members Mr. Greg Gaudry, and the Rev. A Lamoina, ()li

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