TWO riders pause in a beautiful setting during a ride in Riding, Mountain National Park. They are beside Clear Lake, the largest

and most picturesque in the area. Riding Mountain Park lies 165

miles northwest of Winnipeg, and 125 miles north ofthe inter-

national boundary. -

range, an area of about 647 ha, is one of the most popular in— terpretive features. A herd of 30 bison roam a semi-forested grassland plain. An enclosure also houses an exhibit which tells the story of the bison.

The beaver can be observed in almost every pond, lake or stream, and the changing landscape that results from their habi- tats is visible. Ponds formed by beaver dams may eventually be» come marshes and meadows, providing foods and habitats for other forms of wildlife.

The park is well known for the size and number of its fish. Northern pike is the main game fish, and specimens 13 kg in weight have been taken from Clear Lake. Walleye and Whitefish also flourish in the deep cold waters. Lake trout ranging from 2.3 to 9 kg may be caught in Clear Lake. Rainbow and brook trout populate Lake Katherine and Deep Lake.