During the Thirties gophers as well as grasshoppers made havoc of the grain fields. The municipality suffering a gopher infestation provided the poison that would be mixed with grain and spread around the gopher holes. Here we have a gopher gang about to start on an expedition to the grain fields. Municipalities aiso paid a bounty of one cent to five cents on gophers. Kids made their spending money catching gophers with snares and traps. Municipal clerks can recall with some revulsion, no doubt, having a sack of not—so—fresh gopher tails dumped on their desks by a youngster who expected an immediate count of his bag.

The neighbours said it would never work but George Stott, on the Lauson tractor, and George Butler, on the Nicholson Shepard: combine, proved them wrong. This photo was taken in 1936.

Field day brought out this iarge group of Brandon area farmers in the summer of 1931. They have an opportunity to examine and discuss the quaiity of a stand of wheat.