This photo, taken in 1905, shows the horse-drawn equipment. in the early days of the Department’s service, horses were not housed at the station and, at the alarm, the first horses to arrive were harnessed for action.

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The Brandon Firemen’s Ball is a tradition that has, except for the last few years, been maintained throughout the Department’s history. Reading an account of the firemen’s ball that opened the new City Hall and Opera House on February 29, 1892, we realize that fire prevention standards have come a long way; for example,

. . . the hall had been hand- somely and carefully decorated ; evergreens hanging in graceful festoons; banners, bannerettes and bunting (red, white and blue) gave a richness and added an

, effect that was heightened by the “‘ brightness of electric lamps, placed in profusion in all parts of the spacious building”.

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