The first Provisional Pilot Officers to be trained in Brandon for the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1939 are shown here with their instructors C. E. Leech, left and ”Mac” McLean, right.

Two members of this class distinguished themselves in the

Battle of Britain during World War

ll. Squadron leader ”Bob”

Morrow of Toronto and

Vancouver, centre, was leader of

the Hurri-Bomber Squadron that

made low-level surprise attacks on railway and factory sites in northern France as well as on enemy convoys. Morrow designed

a means of attaching two 250-

pound delayed action bombs to

the underside of the Hurricane wings. The entire squadron could then release their loads without danger of being caught in the explosions of the first bombs.

Retaliation by anti—aircraft was

ineffective on these raids due to

their suddenness and the low level at which the planes flew. Wing Commander “Granny”

. Morris from Oakville, Ontario, at Morrow’s left, was decorated for shooting down three enemy aircraft and damaging another in the space of half an hour in night fighting over England. Both received the Distinguished Flying Cross.

John Ballinger is at Leech’s left.

Manager of operations. This class

When the Flying Ciub resumed of air cadets, shown with their operations after the war, Ed instructors, graduated in the early McCiill became Instructor— Sixties.